This is going to be the IN DEPTH about us page. Here we go!

Joey and I had *officially* started dating in 2008. We had been together before that though on and off, since he was 12 and I, 13! We met online on a game called ToonTown and just could not get away from each other even though we were over a 1000 miles away from each other. Me in Floral City, Florida and him in Brooklyn, New York. YES! In 2008, I had enrolled in a summer college program at Boston University and on July 4th, 2008 we met officially in person. We have been inseparable ever since and married in May of 2011. We are now (in 2017), 24 and 25 years old (me being the elder.) We bought our first house in Brooksville, Florida (nearby to my home town) in June of 2014. Aubrey was born December 2012 and Oliver almost exactly two years later in November 2014. We have been *planning* to visit Asia since 2010 but unfortunately our plans were trashed due to some big family situations and we ended up putting off our plans until September 2016! Asia has always been Joey’s DREAM TRIP and he had been planning without real sight of us actually getting to go until one day he was checking on flight prices (as he often did) and found a deal we couldn’t refuse. We got out passports, sold all our things, stored important things, bought flights, booked an AirBnB and drove our 2011 Toyota Corolla up to Brooklyn, NY to spend time with family before selling our car and hoping on a flight from JFK to Tokyo and Tokyo to Manila, Philippines. This is our journey. Welcome ❤