Little Update:

I am so excited with all that is coming up!! Our condo is moving along so nicely!! We saw it today and it was looking awesome! They are hard at work and it is paying off quickly which is wonderful and really has turned around my anxiety over the whole thing. Today we looked at our coffee table again and decided we will also buy one for our kitchen as it is multipurpose! I am so excited about it and happy that it not only has a lifetime warranty, it will be delivered for free as well!

Joey went to the dentist today to have his teeth cleaned before having whitening done and then he will be having braces put on to fix his teeth has he has been having a lot of issues with them such as not being able to fully bite down (teeth touching), etc. I am glad that he is able to do this 1) without insurance and 2) someplace that has friendly staff and dentists!

We also had a productive day today and the kids got to play and have fun as well. Ms.Ana played with the kids at Kidzoona while Joey and I met with a banker to discuss switching our in-house loan for our condo to a housing loan through the bank and it went pretty well! We also discussed getting two personal loans, 1 for furniture and whatnot for our condo and another for possibly getting Solace off the ground!!

For those of you who do not know, Solace is my dream. A bookstore that is also a vegan cafe, along with a bunch of other things. This is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life but it just hasn’t been the right time. I’m not sure that it is quite yet as Im not sure where I would open in, etc and it would be extremely time consuming in the beginning (and the foreseeable future) but it is nice to start opening up conversation, etc.

I have been working really hard on my writing projects lately. I am using two hours three days a week exclusively for writing and have made so much progress on both my poetry book and my novel. It makes my heart so happy that I am able to sit down and work on something that I truly love (not that I don’t love my children but we all need a space and outlet for ourselves!) I am hoping to have my projects (or at least one) ready by November/December so that while I am in New York, I can meet with publishers and hopefully share them!

We are also going to be super busy getting our condo sorted in the next 3 weeks as we will be moving out of this current place and into ours *HOPEFULLY* before July 25th!! That is so soon and it’s crazy how much we have to do, we have 0 furniture, appliances, kitchenware, etc. We are starting to get everything and preparing this upcoming week after we see what progress is made by Monday of this upcoming week. Just to make sure that we aren’t buying things too soon, etc. We will also be clearing out this condo as we have collected quite a bit of “junk” that really needs to go!

The kids are good! They have been enjoying being back in BGC and spending time by the pool, Kidzoona, and just outside playing in the warmth. Yesterday I did all the grocery shopping and a bunch of cooking (steaming vegetables, cutting fruits, etc) and Aubrey was more than happy to help while Ollie took a nap. We also had a decent time getting all our groceries and were able to chug down a 30oz mango smoothie while we did it, ha!

That’s it for now, but i’ll keep you guys updated as always! Thanks for reading!!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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