Selling our house in Florida…

Yep. We have been talking about it. It seems that the renters who are currently there would really like to buy it.. I am going to contact our realtor and see what they were pre approved for to see if I should even entertain their idea of wanting to buy… Regardless of their answer, I think that we will be putting our house up on the market. We have no plans to go back and live in Florida. As much as I love my family and whatnot, if I am going to go see them, then I’m going to do that. Regardless if we have the house there or not as right now it is a source of very, very little income and we were keeping it mostly as an investment. It is a lot of work though to be “landlords.” Something that is a little obnoxious to deal with when you are 12 hours away on the other side of the world. Especially also considering things like late rent checks, HOA complaints, etc. 
How do I feel about it? Conflicted. I love that house. It was our first house together *truly.* One that we had lived in, where Oliver was raised, where Aubrey spent most of her childhood and I love the neighborhood *not the neighbors but the neighborhood itself and the general area.* Joey doesn’t though. He never has and he has always had a deep hatred for Florida as it is really just a boring place with not much to do. So, maybe this would be good for us. The market is up. We could easily make 50k profit on the house right now and wouldn’t that be nice for our pockets/investment accounts…? Or maybe even to use to buy a few properties here in the Philippines and have someone manage them on Airbnb or rent them out, etc. What would be really great is if we could put that into a place in New York although I know it’s not really enough to do that. New York is ridiculously expensive but I am wishing and hoping that we may eventually have a place there that is just ours. 

Currently when we are in New York we are staying with my in-laws. This is obviously not the best set up and is honestly very hard. I try to not let things get under my skin but obviously it does and it also affects our children, marriage, etc because of the things we have to deal with during our stays. This is not to say that my in-laws are horrible people or anything but living in close quarters with anyone who is not your spouse or children is just rough. We make it work though for now. 

So yeah, this is our next big decision… To sell or not to sell? Time to talk to some friends, do some research and see what will be in our best interest. 🙂
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ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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