Planning a trip for a Vegan family.

So, a lot of people ask me how do you plan a trip as a vegan family? How do you make sure you will have food? How do you know that you guys will have no issues finding things the kids eat, etc? This is kind of a weird question for me because to me it seems so simple but I do get what people mean like… How do I know that there will be a grocery store nearby, a stocked kitchen, etc. So, I’m gonna make a post about it! Usually when we are traveling we are booking our home through Airbnb. This gives me the chance to get a kitchen that has everything we need which is basically a stove, pots, pans, and silverware/dishes. I also try to find our homes near vegan restaurants if I can but ALWAYS near a grocery store. I am able to get everything we need from pretty much any grocery store. Canned beans, rice (whether it be uncooked or in a microwavable pouch (like in London), ketchup, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, pasta, sauce, etc. We are good with all of those things and if we happen to find some vegan butter and bread that is a plus.  I always go on whatever Facebook group for that place and ask questions and seek out advice also. London Vegan group and Paris Vegan groups were helpful but since we were just in an inconvenient area for vegan food out, we mostly just cooked at home or ate things like pizza (vegan dough, with no cheese and tons of veg on top.) The kids will snack on fruits and nuts so snacks are easy and I always tend to have some snacks left over from wherever we were before so that is handy. Another good snack I can always find is apple sauce, which they love! I also love to browse around pinterest for vegan options in places we visit. If i think we may be going to a new country or whatever, the first thing I do is make a pinterest board and pin the “best vegan restaurants” etc. It can be a little annoying because Joey is a little more on the picky side and likes his things a certain way but he usually just eats more fruits and hopes for hummus, haha! One thing I do get sad about traveling is that we don’t ALWAYS have a blender. I really want to look into us finding a small and compact blender we can bring with us maybe like a bullet? It’s on my list of “strange vegan things to do.” 😛

 So yeah, that is pretty much it! It is actually super simple and although it can be challenging in places where English is not the primary language, it is totally doable and worth it to save animals and the environment! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!




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