Packing up!

So I wanted to make a post about how we pack up, including food/snacks!

We ALWAYS pack lunch boxes for the kids because well airplane food just doesnt look appetizing for them, haha! Things I usually pack for them are:

  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Some type of pasta (not always because it depends on the time of the flight and how long its sitting
  • Coconut date rolls
  • Cashews and vegan chocolate chips
  • Red beans/Chickpeas/peas/green beans
  • Peanut butter and apple slices
  • Apples
  • Fruit snacks
  • Water (DUH!) They always sniff it when we go through security, haha!
  • Some kind of organic cereal if we have it.
  • Kind bars
  • Larabars (if were coming from US to wherever because I dont find them usually in PH, etc)
  • Soymilks (Chocolate for ollie, vanilla for Aubrey)

This is a basic list right here. Sometimes I bring all of this stuff and sometimes only half or so, haha! It really depends on the time of the flight. If it is a night time flight I dont have to pack as much because they will usually just sleep/snack and not want a full meal. However if we leave first thing in the morning, then the entire day has to be planned and prepared for.

As far as our luggage, we usually only have to bring one large hard case suitcase. I try to keep it to that or maybe one more so that I separate Aubrey and Olivers clothes from mine and Joeys. We weigh our luggage with a luggage scale that we bought on amazon so we never go over the limit and we also do not pack or bring any toiletries. We are very aware now of where we can get all vegan toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. This way we are able to keep our bags quite a bit lighter. We havent been bringing carry ons really besides the food carry on, also. So that makes our lives a lot easier. This trip going we brought one full suitcase and one empty, we came back with 5 full suitcases though, haha! We all had gotten new shoes, sneakers, crocs, boots (for Joey), new clothes for the year, plus souvenirs and any gifts that were given to the kids from family and whatnot so we had a lot of luggage coming back this time. Also, coming back was our first time not bringing any carry ons so that added to our luggage as Joeys Asus laptop weighs about 15lbs WITHOUT accessories like his mechanical keyboard, mouse, stand, etc. I am hoping that in November we wont have to bring back as much stuff or need as much stuff. It was really important to me that we get clothes while we were home because for Joey and the kids it was 1) easier and 2) less expensive. Not really so much for me as I just mostly shop at Forever 21 here which I feel is about the same price or less than what I would buy from say Target.

So yeah, that is how we pack up for our trips!!

Thanks for reading!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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