Catch Up

So we have been home for almost 3 weeks now and thankfully we are finally getting back into a routine and a schedule especially as far as sleeping in concerned because oh my gosh the first week or so was ROUGH.They were going to bed at about 7PM easily and if I was trying to keep them up later they would just fall asleep anywhere they were BUT then they would be up by like 1/2AM and be up until 5/6AM and sleep again until like 9/10AM. This obviously is not a fun schedule for a mama who stays up until about 1/2AM to spend time with their husbandha! We are mostly back on schedule now, like I said.

We have cut TV out of our lives again for the most part as Aubrey has been having a lot of issues, sensory and attitude wise. We are also cutting out the junk that has slowly crept into our household things like crackers, lollipops, etc. We are not a big junk food family as many of you know but even these things are driving me crazy and I do think they affect Aubrey and how she acts. She will eat crackers instead of a meal and I feel it leads her to be more difficult and cranky because she isnt getting like a full balanced meal. I am literally fighting tooth and nail with her most days and its very difficult on her, me and our relationship.

Oliver is doing great. We are working on potty learning right now and he is mostly doing all the effort himself. He will take his diaper off and sit down and go pee without any of my help or sometimes even my knowledge. He is very aware of when he has gone and when he needs a new diaper so we are encouraging this and working on it. We have finally gotten our pantry pretty restocked again and have just been super busy with doctor appointments, errands, condo things, etc.

Weve had a lot of issues with out condo as it is NOT DONE. It was supposed to be done and we were supposed to be moving in on June 25th (TODAY) but it hasn’t been touched and so we are now waiting for it to be done, talking with our lawyer, etc. The woman who is in charge has just basically been useless. When I called her to ask her like what happened and why it wasn’t done, she laughed. This of course made me more upset and I didn’t play very nicely and then apologized to my admin office (in house as they had nothing to do with it and are all very sweet) for having to witness me in bitch mode. UGH!

Ms. Ana has been a life saver, really and truly as we all get adjusted again. Helping us catch up on sleep as well as time together for Joey and I, since we didnt get really ANY alone time on our 17 days? In the U.K. & France. On Wednesday we were actually able to go into Makati to Immigration (JUST JOEY AND I) and accomplish our visa updates without the kids which was great as they truly hate sitting around in a hot building. We are all set with our Visas until August thankfully now. Joey is doing well too although he hasnt been getting much sleep with everything…

So on Thursday the kids and I ran errands and spent the entire day at Kidzoona! On Friday we had my closest friend over with her daughter and spent the day playing with babies and then going out to see Transformers BABY FREE! My friend hasn’t really had a chance to go to a movie baby free so that was awesome that we were able to give her a little break thanks to Ms.Ana :).  On Saturday, I tried to pay rent but all of the banks were CLOSED!! So I will have to do it today (Monday.) We then went and ran an errand for Joey, grabbed garlic knots and a burrito and then spent the day at Kidzoona yet again to try and give Joey some peace and quiet. Thankfully I have had a lot of Kidzoona coupons! Though, we normally spend about two days a week there because it’s a good break from the heat/rain/being at home, haha. Then yesterday we slept in (ALL TOGETHER AS A FAMILY! WOW!) then we got up and took the kids over to The Mind Museum! We got annual passes as they are on sale right now so that we can visit the science museum whenever we want and also have full access to the outdoor playground! This was great and the kids loved “seeing dinosaur bones” and the moon, stars, etc! All in all, I’d say we are getting there as far as readjustment and are all happy to be home. 100% we missed the Philippines.

Thanks for reading!!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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