Health Update – Thyroid Journey

So, while we were away I decided that I was going to restart my health. I have been feeling for a long time that my thyroid medication has not been doing it’s job. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was 18 years old. I have been on Levothyroxin 75mcg since then and I have felt over the years that it has been a waste of my money, honestly. I am still over weight, exhausted, and often deal with depressive states for sometimes months. I haven’t really opened up to anyone about this until recently though because there have been so many times I’ve changed doctors (4 times) and talked to them about, getting off the medication, upping it, changing it, etc and they have basically told me “exercise more, sleep more, eat less.” The most weight I have been able to lose was when I was breastfeeding a toddler, a new born, walking 25,000 steps a day, doing at least two workouts (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, etc) and only eating about 2000 calories a day. I went from 240lbs to 175lbs. I am currently 225lbs. I can’t keep up with almost 6 hours a day of exercise and barely eating. I am still hungry by the end of the day and so physically exhausted I feel like I have to go to bed after finishing my workouts which sometimes didn’t happen until midnight! That is insane! I decided, actually right before we went away, that I would try to speak to a doctor here in the Philippines and see if I could get her to take me seriously. Thankfully, I have!! I saw her last Thursday at St. Lukes Medical Center here in BGC, Taguig, and she had me schedule myself for blood work and an ultrasound of my neck and thyroid. I was able to the blood work on Friday and the Ultrasound on Monday and then I saw her today, Tuesday. She told me that my levels actually aren’t that bad! She was super impressed with my cholesterol and said that though my TSH was a borderline, that is sometimes expected from over-weight people. She said that because of my issues though she is going to up my medication to 100mcg and also change the brand to one that she has seen better results with (a U.K. brand that I can’t recall the name of right now.) I am so pleased and really hope that this will help me through the challenges that I am currently facing.

On top of my doctor visits, I also attending my first Vinyasa Yoga class in a couple months now and let me tell you… No A/C. 90 degree weather. On hour and 15 minutes… I did it! It was hard. I did my best and i wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed when I had to stop a take a drink or just a second to refocus my strength and breathing and I even pushed through when I had to literally remove my glasses from my face because sweat was just pouring off of me, hahaha! Joey has been looking into getting us gym memberships and also signing us up for a couples boxing class, so we are on the path to working on ourselves a little more. As many of you know, we do eat pretty healthy through our vegan diet but you may also know that just because it is vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy. I am hoping that since we are back home we will fall back into a less processed diet and more whole food based so that we can also work on that part of our health.

Thanks for reading guys! I appreciate your love and support 100% and if you wanna share any thyroid related stuff or vegan related stuff, please do!! I welcome any feedback ❤




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