Self care

Getting back to taking care of myself has always been a “priority.” Except for that fact that things always kept “coming up.” Even today, I had planned to go to a yoga class and instead sent my nanny home and skipped it because I was exhausted. I didn’t do anything too crazy either! Just some blood work, a mani/pedi, paid some bills, and then did a little shopping. Though once Oliver was asleep Joey sent me back out again to get something for our Internet, pick up some food, and then grab some more rice (plus he wanted coffee.) I am working on it though. Honestly, I think I have come a huge way already as I had previously refused my husband wanting us to have a part time nanny or a nanny at all because I wanted to be “the mom who does it all.” I didn’t feel like I needed a break or anyones help even though I do and I did. I have now after two years, accepted part time help. I have accepted a nanny to come and help me three days a week. This allows to me take yoga classes, grocery shop alone, working on things I enjoy like writing, date my husband, go to doctor appointments alone, etc. It provides me with a break and a chance to be more than “mom.” I get to be myself (in peace and quiet), haha! Anyways, the point of this is that I am looking for some support and also some accountability to take better care of myself and so I am starting Yoga classes again and also have been looking into taking a boxing class with my husband. I am restarting a morning routine which includes three page a day journaling. I am also currently going through a bunch of tests to figure out exactly what is up with my Thyroid. I think I have mentioned before I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at age 18 and that I have also felt like the medication I take every day does nothing for me. American doctors haven’t really been any help to me so I restarted my Thyroid health journey here in the Philippines. Today I actually went into St.Lukes in BGC and had blood work done and have also been scheduled for an Ultrasound of my thyroid and neck. I’m thankful that this doctor is taking my concerns and feelings seriously and proceeding fiercely with all these tests.

Self care is important. You are important. You are worthy of peace and quiet. You still love your children even though you need a break. You are helping yourself be the best mother you can be by taking time FOR YOURSELF and ENJOYING IT!


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