Union Square Farmer’s Market

Yesterday we got out of the house and headed into Manhattan to go to the Union Square Farmer’s Market to grab some tasty vegan treats and also hit Whole Foods! We got a ton of good things and it was actually not too awful out weather wise so that was great. We really haven’t been doing a lot of things outside of the house or like few blocks around our apartment because we’ve been sick and the weather has truly sucked. I am still going to upload a general update video probably today so more update details to come. Definitely check out my instagram because I posted a ton of pictures and a couple videos from yesterday! Union square is one of my favorite places in Manhattan so it was awesome to get over there. ☺️ I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see more vegan booths out there but was so grateful we did find Body and Soul Bake Shop’s booth as we have bought from them before and enjoyed all of their treats! I hope that more vegan booths will pop up in the future, I was looking for bath and beauty products but it seemed like if there were any they were made with goats milk, etc.. Either way, we enjoyed the market and love all the fresh produce and flowers everywhere! It’s a wonderful place to checkout 💕
Here are a couple pictures of the food we picked up!


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