Union Square Farmer’s Market

Yesterday we got out of the house and headed into Manhattan to go to the Union Square Farmer’s Market to grab some tasty vegan treats and also hit Whole Foods! We got a ton of good things and it was actually not too awful out weather wise so that was great. We really haven’t been doing a lot of things outside of the house or like few blocks around our apartment because we’ve been sick and the weather has truly sucked. I am still going to upload a general update video probably today so more update details to come. Definitely check out my instagram because I posted a ton of pictures and a couple videos from yesterday! Union square is one of my favorite places in Manhattan so it was awesome to get over there. ☺️ I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see more vegan booths out there but was so grateful we did find Body and Soul Bake Shop’s booth as we have bought from them before and enjoyed all of their treats! I hope that more vegan booths will pop up in the future, I was looking for bath and beauty products but it seemed like if there were any they were made with goats milk, etc.. Either way, we enjoyed the market and love all the fresh produce and flowers everywhere! It’s a wonderful place to checkout 💕
Here are a couple pictures of the food we picked up!

We’re back in NYC.

So, we’ve been back in New York for 5 days now and are currently all sick with a head cold. The extreme temperature difference probably did it. From 90s to high 30s is no joke.. haha! We had bought my sister a plane ticket to come from Florida to NY also, she arrived the day after we did which has been amazing. It’s so hard to be away from the ones you are closest to and I am soaking up all the time we get to spend together for the time being (about two months.) We haven’t done too much because it’s been rainy and cold. I haven’t even been V-logging yet just because it’s been a little crazy adjusting. Sleep and whatnot has been weird. One night I slept from 7pm to 4am and was up again until midnight and up at 4am.. Just weird.

The flight was great. A total of 18 hours hows and the kids did amazingly. No issues, we did fine checking in, security was cake, finding my father-in-law was easy, installing Oliver’s car seat, getting our luggage into their car.. everything seriously went great. The kids and Joey slept wonderfully. Joey slept maybe 12 hours total and the kids 10. I slept 2 but that is just me, haha.

Everyone is so happy to have us back and whatnot so it’s been good. Things we have done so far is get the kids new 18 month wardrobe bought and put away into our empty suitcase to bring back home, I’ve gotten a couple necessities, Joey’s gotten a couple and we are well on our way to completing out wardrobe goals. We try to stay pretty minimalistic. 6 everyday outfits for the kids, 1 nice outfit, 1 swim suit, 2 pairs pjs, socks, underwear, 1 jacket, 1 hoodie, and done! Joey’s wardrobe is pretty similar to that. We also got Oliver some new sneakers thanks to my Mother in law so that was cool since he has only needed his sandals and crocs over there.. She already had full winter wardrobes bought for them before we even got here including coats and winter boots, haha!

Thing I am hating is that Joey is working all day here and sleeping at night which makes us leaving the house kind of bleh. We really do love the opposite schedule the Philippines offers us because they doesn’t sleep all day there so we have time to go out together and hang. Can’t really do that here because nothing is open at night past certain times, haha.

We starting working on some Fund Raising things too. I think we are going to try to have a booth in Union Square. We want to collect $1500USD so we can give out 1000 backpacks in August for school to the kids at True Manila. I’m gonna share the link here if you guys want to help out, please do! These kids will appreciate it more than you know! We are also going to have some v-logs going up and stuff about True Manila, also!

So, yeah. It’s been weird to be back home. American money, eastern standard time zone, cold weather, etc but we have been enjoying it and trying our best to get back into a regular rhythm. Hopefully soon it’ll really kick in. We were just saying it’s like a dream right now, it doesn’t seem real that we are back… I hope you guys are having a good weekend and keep watching out for the V-logs!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤