Maker’s Market!

We stumbled into an amazing market on Sunday at Central Square! Read all about it and view some pictures too!

So after we had a pretty long day playing on High Street at the Pop Up Playground and Fully Booked, we stopped into Central Square to grab some lunch and when we got there we found they were having a market! One of the best markets they have had in my opinion (2nd best next to the Organic Market they had a couple weeks ago!) It was a Maker’s Market and full of beautiful things! Vegan soaps, jewelry, bottle cap keychains, amazing bags that turn into blankets, and so much more! The kids and I went from booth to booth and tried to see everything and take pictures and we all loved it! They each picked out some of the most beautiful soaps I have ever seen and the women at the booth were so kind and sweet with them, letting them smell every soap and holding them! This is one of my favorite things about this city (BGC, Taguig, Philippines.) They always have amazing events, markets, etc. We also got to watch a man hand paint fans which the kids were SO obsessed with! They were so beautiful and he was painting one on sight so they got to stand and watch for a bit before I thought it would be safer for us to move along…ha! I also found some beautiful wooden watches that I would just love to pick up for Joey for our wedding anniversary this May! Seriously, it is a good thing I didn’t have a lot of cash on me because I would have been buying everything! Aubrey and Oliver also fell in love with a crocodile stuffed animal that they were selling to bring attention to the Philippines crocodile which is currently endangered! Along with a few other animals… Again, we would have loved to pick these items up if only I had more cash on me. The money that they make helps a women’s village, they bring the materials to the women and pay the women for labor so that they have a steady income! This is pretty awesome! I also put Joey in touch with the girl who makes these amazing bags that also turn into sleeping bags, mats, a blanket, and a pillow so that maybe we could get a bulk discount and send some down to the families in need of these things at True Manila! YAY! I hope that anyone who went enjoyed it as much as we did and would love to hear what you thought (and see what you bought!) if you did go! Here are a TON of pictures and I got a lot of their names if you want to look up their Facebooks/Instagrams/Etc and purchase things from them!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the pictures uploaded here because my download speeds and upload speeds were just too slow. I will try and get them all up on my Instagram TODAY! So, please, please check out all the amazing things there! ❤

Thanks for reading!!

ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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