Minimizing again!

Purging once again before we head to NYC for the Spring!

Yesterday I started purging things again. I have become a big fan of minimalism for those who haven’t followed us for very long and this means that I frequently go through out things and purge what is not being used, things that are broken, or things we are not needing anymore. I went through my closet (really just my shirts) and decided to get rid of three shirts as I couldn’t remember the last time I wore them and I know that I will not be wearing them while we are gone and will be buying some clothing items while we are home. I then went through some of our bags that we had packed from moving from Parañaque to here that were “unpacked” and it was just a lot of random things we obviously weren’t needing or using since they were still left in that bag and I was able to toss them and repurpose them for other things. I was also able to talk to Barbie (my closest friend here in PH) about rehoming all of Oliver’s clothes when we leave as they are just getting too small and also he won’t be able to where once we are back in New York because it is still cold there! Her mother-in-law has a boy in Providence who will be able to wear them so that is the best news I could hear! I hate to *donate* clothes to random places because I am not sure where they will be going, if they will be used, if they will given to people who truly need them, etc. This way, I know. I am also going to ask Joey to bring all of Aubrey’s current clothes down to True Manila and give out there because we don’t know anyone who will be able to wear them and they are more *worn* then Oliver’s. Some have a hole in one knee, etc, but the kids at True Manila would love them and they are truly needed there. I am hoping Joey will be able to do that next weekend and record it for Aubrey so she can see where her old clothes will be living now because she was happy to donate them and receive new clothes. 🙂 My next projects are to go through the cabinets downstairs again and get rid of anything that is not being played with (will also send to True Manila) or if anything is broken and needs throwing out.

I am going try to start posting small videos here and there *that can go up without any REAL editing because of internet issues and whatnot* of us getting ready, minimizing, packing, etc. So keep an eye out for those! ❤ Thanks for reading!

ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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