Rural To City Living

Going from living in a house in rural Florida to a big city in the Philippine:

So going from Brooksville, Florida to BGC, Philippines really hasn’t been too much of a culture shock or anything like that. Since we were always going back and forth from our home in Brooksville to our In-laws apartment in Brooklyn, NY about 4 times a year and also having prior lived there for 3 years we are well adjusted to city living. The kids…Not so much. They are used to short periods of time living in the city (a month here and there). Some of the hard things about us living in a city and not in our rural town in Florida are that we are not close to any beaches, parks, hiking trails, etc. These are all things that the kids really enjoy and love to do and are very used to doing for all of their lives.

Another thing they are adjusting to is not really to do with real to city but more to do with US to Asia and that is making friends. They are always making friends for short periods of time like while we are playing at Kidzoona or running around in one of the many green spaces in BGC but we are yet to make any real long term friends here in the city. We have one friend we see on and off and we appreciate that friendship immensely. Other than that, we have yet to find any kind of “mom groups.” I am not sure if it is even a thing here in this culture or what. A lot of mothers seem to work and have full time yayas so maybe not.  Either way, I think this is more of a cultural adjustment than anything else, even if there are a lot of other people here besides Filipinos/Filipinas (Australian, British, English, Indian, etc.)

Something that has become more of a “thing” is traffic safety though. Since we did live in a small town, we mostly drove places and parked in parking lots so there was much explaining about crossing the streets and how the street likes work, etc. Especially since when we were going back and forth to NYC they were mostly baby worn or put in a stroller when we were out and about since they were still so little. Aubrey is not very aware of when it is her turn to cross the street and when it is not, as well as how important holding hands are, and the “count down.”

NOISE! Noise is something I wasn’t used to. I mean even in Brooklyn you would have some noise but not like here. The traffic is very noisy, the honking, the motorcycles, the police, the ambulance, you hear them ALL. It doesn’t “bother” me so much but it was something to get used to especially when they are randomly lighting fireworks? Or whatever they are doing that sounds the same (I can’t see very well outside my condo right now because I am facing the pool alone, really.) The neighbors here aren’t too noisy, we are probably the “worst” when it comes to that… I love music and have children, so… haha! Sometimes we will here drunk people coming home, laughing obnoxiously, singing, yelling, etc… haha!

Something I love so much about city living though is the events!! High street is amazing and really does events every weekend! They do them for all sorts of things and there are always booths for clothes, food, movies, drinks, fitness, and so much more. It is pretty cool to get to randomly walk into an event every weekend. 🙂 There is a lot to do here all the time and that is a huge plus when living in a city. There are so many play places, museums, open green spaces, malls, shops, etc and that is something I absolutely love. I just wish PH would get a Target… Just sayin’.

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6 thoughts on “Rural To City Living

  1. The good thing about your location, BGC, is you are close to all the malls and events. It is fun and exciting but also very different to what you are used to…what is your favorite Filipino food so far? 😊


    • Yes! It is close to literally everything! I can’t wait to see more of the rural side of the Philippines though. I see so many beautiful pictures of the beaches, hiking trails, etc! Veganized pancit has been my favorite Filipino food so far! 😀

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      • You should check out Palawan but that’s a plane ride away- you’ll be blown away by the beauty of that island. Batangas has some nice beaches as well and you can drive there (just have to deal with the neverending traffic getting there)…You are Vegan? Try the “lumpiang ubod” 😊 It may be an acquired taste but after a few bites you might love it as much as I do❤


      • Yes! That is on the top of my list. I told my filipina friend that we should go in August! So we are hoping to do that! Yes, we are vegan! Where do you recommend we try that? 😱 We love to try native foods as long as we can veganize them! If you check out our VegFest post you can see we tried some sausages? And rice meals while we were there also! 💙

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