Language Barrier? Eh?

Most of the people here in PH speak English as well as Tagalog. Is it hard sometimes to understand them and them us? YES! Their accents are a little hard to understand sometimes when they are speaking quickly or too quietly but so are ours, haha! It takes a lot of patience sometimes for both parties to understand each other but most people here in BGC speak primarily English because there are a lot of non-filipino people here. At our daily places like Starbucks, Ruston’s, SM aura, etc they speak english very well and it is very easy to have a conversation with them. Places like Market! Market! vary, some do not speak english at all, some only very little, and some very well! Same with Uber drivers, sometimes they are super easy to understand, will make jokes, laugh, have good conversation and some will be completely silent until they have to ask a question and then struggle to get it out which is both hard for them and hard for me because I feel bad that I have NO knowledge of their language and know I should try to learn if we stay here for a decent period of time. My memory just isn’t too good now after two kids…ha!  For the most part language barriers are non-existent and I am sure will get even better once we all learn a little. Joey has gotten a lot of learning in already (just not the rest of us…) Future Homeschool/Worldschooling subject?! Maybe!

When you guys travel to other places that also speak english do you or would you want to learn the native tongue? I’d love to hear if you have!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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