Condo Update

We have been looking for a lawyer to help us out and read through the contract for our condo before we sign it but haven’t really had any luck. The lawyer wanted Joey to go to “his bar” and because 1) he has social anxiety that is mostly okay but still uncomfortable now and 2) we don’t really drink, he declined and asked him to come to BGC. He asked us then for the number of pages in the contract and since Joey didn’t reply with those numbers he kind of blew us off and said well I made an appointment with another client and am now going on vacation… UGH! We are hoping that our friend’s lawyer will meet with us on Monday, if not we have another friend who said her lawyer could meet with us. The sales office is annoyed with us and was texting me daily until I told them that once it was signed I would be in touch with them. This is the last thing we REALLY have to do before we leave BGC and head home to New York. Aside from small stuff like get oven measurements and stove top measurements for the construction team since our stove and oven are going to be built into the cabinets in the kitchen. Then we will be done with anything condo related until we come back to the Philippines on June 6th!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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