Joey’s 24th Birthday!

So, today we celebrated my husband’s birthday! He did work last night so he slept from about 8AM to 4PM. Around that time we had gone out to SM Aura in search of Vegan Diaya Cheeze but didn’t find any (sold out) so then we instead picked up some tasty vegan chocolate candy (like a tootsie roll!) and went on our way to Market! Market! We picked up balloons and candles there. Aubrey was so excited to do all of this. When she woke up this morning the first thing she did was rush over to Joey to tell him “Daddy!!! It’s your birthday!!!!” She was super excited to make it “extra special for him” and was over the moon when Joey had told her “this was the best birthday ever, Aub.” ❤ We then ordered him a vegan pizza (his favorite, pineapple) and made our way over to Susi *completely vegan restaurant* to pick up his birthday cake we ordered early this morning. It was/is huge!! It’s double chocolate and pretty amazing. We also got some vegan ice cream (strawberry and matcha). Everyone ate together, sang happy birthday, and cleaned up before I brought the kids up for a shower and put Oliver to bed. Joey also went back to bed to get some sleep and Aubrey and I hung out for a bit until she was ready for bed.

We will celebrate a little more tomorrow, also! Ms. Ana will be coming tomorrow and around 3PM we will all go together to SM Aura to drop Ms. Ana and the kids are KidCity (here because I am able to scan my finger print and they cannot leave without me scanning it again) and the kids will play there while Joey and I go see a movie! YAY FOR COUPLE TIME!!! We will also probably grab a bite to eat, I want to try this ramen place and have been wanting to for a long time but we haven’t been able to since we didn’t have a yaya (nanny).

I uploaded pictures from tonight onto our Instagram so check those out here!! I hope you had/have a wonderful weekend!!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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