What we do in our small living space or “tiny condo”.

So a lot of people keep asking me “what exactly can you do in your tiny condo?” haha! Well if anyone knows us and for those of you who don’t, I am sure you will see… We really don’t spend much time home… EVER! Our condo is 485 sq ft, two bed room, 1 and a half bath but we have more than enough storage (we don’t even use half of it), and we love it. We did come from a 2500sq ft house previously. We did. I loved that space as well. We had lots of room for running around inside on rainy days, bomb play dates, art tables, and books upon books. These things are not necessary when you live in a city though. On rainy days, we go out to play or we still stay home, read, snuggle, cook, paint, draw, color, do puzzles, and all of the other things we enjoy doing! We still have play dates (maybe not 10-15 people as we have previously had) but we still have them and we still have a place to create. We do not have many books but that is mostly because we have been traveling A LOT and books are freaking heavy! We have lots of books on our Kindle app though. 🙂

Today was a pretty nasty day (on top of us not having enough internet…) It was rainy. We still managed to go for a walk in between the rain and make our way to a local Cafe that serves gelato. We did some of our *homeschooling/worldschooling* things there while we had a tasty treat! We were able to get some free wifi and watch a couple short documentaries about Thailand and the kids loved it. We even stopped in one of the local malls and picked up some cute new tooth brushes and holders for the kids and some more kitchen towels, haha.

On our way home we searched for butterflies, smelt Jasmine plants, met a couple friendly dogs, and said hello to a few creepy crawlers (worms?) before heading inside for a nap. Aubrey fell fast asleep but Oliver did not so we went down and heated him up some leftover vegan “chicken noodle” soup and watched out the window for buses to count. Oliver’s new favorite thing to do right now. Aubrey woke up in a pretty grumpy mood so Oliver and I went for a walk to Central Square and we picked up a couple things (bread and some mild salsa for me plus Joey’s favorite french fries *potato corner*) and walked around the Fit & Healthy Fest they were having…(another blog post to come.)

When I got home we had some dinner, cleaned up, got the kids in the shower and ready for bed. We read some Alice in Wonderland before Oliver was passed out but Aubrey was still wide away so Aubrey. She helped me make some delicious chickpea salad and then Aubrey and I took off down the jogging path again to Starbucks so I could write this.

My point with all this rambling is… YOU CAN LIVE IN A SMALL SPACE! You can homeschool in a small space. You can raise two toddlers in a small space! It is very very possible and the amount of worrying and cleaning that you will do is LESS which in my opinion is the best thing ever. A big thing that I have learned about this journey is that I do not need materialistic things to be happy anymore. While living in Florida, I would go to Target everyday and bring home things that I “loved” but would never end up using, had too much of, etc, etc. I had the space so why not!? Here, myself and my children are much more aware of what we have and when we are using them. We can say, I love this item because I use it everyday and it makes me happy and we can also say, I haven’t touched that toy, book, journal, ball, movie, etc in a month…I think it can go now.

People say that they need boundaries and they need “space” but when we need space we just leave. We go outside and we run, we go to the mall, we go get some lunch, we go and play! The way that traveling changes your mind in terms of what you “need” is crazy. I would always say I “needed” things that I truly didn’t and now I can see that and truly realize that if I had to carry around everything I ever said I “needed” or “loved” I would be killing myself and my back!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤



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