Day one for Ms.Ana!

So, today was Ms. Ana’s first day (yaya or nanny) and it went so well!! Everyone loves her and she did such a great job. By the end of the day Aubrey and Oliver were hugging her and telling her not to leave, haha! That is huge because Aubrey is usually super sensitive about new people and reads people really well which means if Aubrey doesn’t like you, you probably aren’t a cool person.. haha! So, this morning we got up at about 8:30A.M., we had breakfast, we cleaned up, washed dishes, got dressed, brushed teeth and played until Ms.Ana showed up EARLY at 11:45AM (filipinos are ALWAYS late so this was pretty great) and she jumped in right away by changing out of her travel clothes into house clothes and started to play with the kids.

Oliver went down for a nap probably an hour into her visit and Aubrey happily stayed downstairs and played with Ms.Ana and the marker board. When I came down here she was washing up the dishes from the kids snack and then swept the floors. Aubrey and I took her down and showed her the pool, how to get there, etc. Aubrey was excited to swim for a bit even though the rain didn’t stop for too long. We took a quick grocery shopping trip once Oliver was up and hit Starbucks. She told me it was only her second time ever to drink Starbucks and she is 42 years old! That is crazy to me.

I forget how some things like Starbucks are luxury for some people and that makes me feel kind of awful considering I don’t take my coffee for granted but I take the opportunity to buy it *almost* everyday for granted.

Once we got back she went and got some lunch while I worked on making Aubrey and Oliver dinner, she washed all the dishes, cleaned up and I got the kids in the shower, she watched them while there were in there, cleaned up the bathroom and got them dressed and their teeth brushed. I brought them to bed (7:30P.M.) and told her she could go home the 30 minutes early and she insisted she wash the last of the dishes before she went. Joey said she also swept and wiped down the shower glass. She is SO nice and easy to talk to. I couldn’t believe the kids were so warm by the end of the day but she makes it easy because she is so bubbly and sweet. She was thanking Aubrey and Oliver for inviting her and for being so wonderful. She couldn’t stop saying how “smart and kind” they both were. I am SO happy and hope that this works out for a long time because this is exactly what we needed. Two days a week of bliss. Dating day and two work out days, YES!

Plus she did agree she would do wet market shopping on Fridays for us! I have not been to a wet market but from what my Filipino friends have told me, I do not have the stomach for it. Everything there is fresh and locally sourced this includes meat. One of our friends said that as soon as you walk in you just smell blood. The locals love to shop here because it is the least expensive and has the most fresh ingredients including tofu and fruits and vegetables! I am happy that we will have access to these things even though I can’t imagine going there myself. *I kind of feel like an awful person/snob writing this because this is so normal for people here but oy.. 😦 *

She will be back on Monday and will be playing with the kids at Kidzoona (she isn’t allowed to leave with the kids without me being present so we are comfortable doing this) while Joey and I celebrate his birthday (which is Sunday) by going to the movie theater that is on the same floor as Kidzoona and grabbing some lunch!! She will come on a schedule (Monday,Wednesday,Friday) and will also come the Sunday before we leave for NYC so that I can pack/organize/etc in peace… haha!

As for plans tomorrow… We will be going shopping for a mixer (hopefully), some new athletic pants/sweat pants (all mine now have holes), and some more kitchen towels because I hate paper towels and my current towel collection is too small. I also need to buy another mop head so that when mine is at laundry, I have a clean one! 🙂

Thanks for reading!! If you guys have any questions, etc, please ask!! Also, please ignore any typos because I am tired and not energized enough to read through this again right now… haha!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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