Joey threw out his back…

He is currently not super happy… It was so bad he couldn’t even move from off of the floor last night. I’m not even sure how it really happened because one second he was playing with the kids and then OUCH! He is home *hopefully* resting so we took this opportunity to head to Kidzoona just me and the kiddos. Today they were celebrating LaLa’s birthday so it was super fun and full of games and prizes! I was asked to help the manager, Ms. Beradette judge the dancing contest which was super fun! The kids were all adorable and did such a fantastic job! Mine were too little or too shy so they didn’t participate in the dance contest but did help out in deciding who won! I am finally sitting down while they play with some of the staff and it has been a busy and fun day. I hope that Joey will feel better soon and also just want to let you guys know, if you are in PH and have kids, visit Kidzoona at Uptown Mall in BGC! It’s too fun and too amazing to not check out <3. I posted some pictures today on our Instagram if you want to see them!

I hope you’re all having a happy Saturday!!


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤

Spastic-ness coming your way!

Basically I’m going to die of excitement.

Since I have some internet at the moment, I’m going to take this chance to ramble. I am so freaking excited. We are going home so soon. I sent Ms. Ana home early today because I have a horrible headache but still. Im dying of excitement. I can’t believe that I’m going to see my sister in just 9 days. NINE. I have missed her so much and it has been the most painful thing to be away from her; my person. I tend to go through these bouts of “no one misses me” and “what if its weird now that I’ve been away so long” but right now, I don’t care because I am truly so excited and happy to see my sister. I feel like I can’t fully express the emotions that I am feeling or explain why I start balling my eyes out every time I realize “OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO SEE MY JAMIE” but, yeah. The rambles. I am also saddened by the fact that I won’t be reunited with ALL of my siblings *RJ, my sister-in-law, Cassi, my niece and nephew, or my youngest brother, Seth* but two out of 5 and some is so nice. ❤

Let’s throw in a little update as well! We are flying our dog to PH! He will be here when we are back. I think he will fly out here in the next two weeks and will be boarding with a dog trainer here in Metro Manila (I believe) until we get back. We have had some of our friends help us out here and have his pick-up and drop-off all set up and Joey is so happy. We were thinking that we may need to re-home him and Joey was truly depressed about this. We have had Aidan since he was 4 months old and he is going to be 6 this coming November. He was our baby before babies and still is a huge part of our lives which is why we left him with my mom to ensure he safety and his path back to us in the future. So this is a huge yay! Aubrey is so excited as well that she will have her best buddy back. ❤

I also got my nose pierced again on Wednesday! I am super happy with it (borderline obsessed) and glad I was able to go get it done before we head out of here next Monday! NEXT MONDAY OMG!!! The kids have been super excited to get back home and have been “oohing and ahhing” over my packing and unpacking… ha! On Tuesday we also went and got our glasses taken care of at Glorietta 4. We both needed to swap lenses out of our second frames and Joey was able to pick them both up yesterday while I was here hanging out with the kids, Barbie, and little Abie. ❤ We had a really good and busy day; playdate days are seriously my favorite. ❤

Alright enough rambling. More to come especially as we leave and arrive back in NYC!

Thanks for reading!

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Maker’s Market!

We stumbled into an amazing market on Sunday at Central Square! Read all about it and view some pictures too!

So after we had a pretty long day playing on High Street at the Pop Up Playground and Fully Booked, we stopped into Central Square to grab some lunch and when we got there we found they were having a market! One of the best markets they have had in my opinion (2nd best next to the Organic Market they had a couple weeks ago!) It was a Maker’s Market and full of beautiful things! Vegan soaps, jewelry, bottle cap keychains, amazing bags that turn into blankets, and so much more! The kids and I went from booth to booth and tried to see everything and take pictures and we all loved it! They each picked out some of the most beautiful soaps I have ever seen and the women at the booth were so kind and sweet with them, letting them smell every soap and holding them! This is one of my favorite things about this city (BGC, Taguig, Philippines.) They always have amazing events, markets, etc. We also got to watch a man hand paint fans which the kids were SO obsessed with! They were so beautiful and he was painting one on sight so they got to stand and watch for a bit before I thought it would be safer for us to move along…ha! I also found some beautiful wooden watches that I would just love to pick up for Joey for our wedding anniversary this May! Seriously, it is a good thing I didn’t have a lot of cash on me because I would have been buying everything! Aubrey and Oliver also fell in love with a crocodile stuffed animal that they were selling to bring attention to the Philippines crocodile which is currently endangered! Along with a few other animals… Again, we would have loved to pick these items up if only I had more cash on me. The money that they make helps a women’s village, they bring the materials to the women and pay the women for labor so that they have a steady income! This is pretty awesome! I also put Joey in touch with the girl who makes these amazing bags that also turn into sleeping bags, mats, a blanket, and a pillow so that maybe we could get a bulk discount and send some down to the families in need of these things at True Manila! YAY! I hope that anyone who went enjoyed it as much as we did and would love to hear what you thought (and see what you bought!) if you did go! Here are a TON of pictures and I got a lot of their names if you want to look up their Facebooks/Instagrams/Etc and purchase things from them!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the pictures uploaded here because my download speeds and upload speeds were just too slow. I will try and get them all up on my Instagram TODAY! So, please, please check out all the amazing things there! ❤

Thanks for reading!!

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This internet issue is annoying AF.

So, I stole a couple minutes to upload the blog I had written about the Maker’s Market from last weekend and honestly you guys, the internet situation is killing me. I will be back in NY in 9 days and I can’t wait for REAL STABLE INTERNET! We have been good, nothing much happening, just preparing for our time to go… NINE DAYS! Enjoy my Maker’s Market post! I’ll be back soon with more content! ❤



ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤

The Past Few Days

Over the past few days that I have not had internet on my MacBook Pro we have been posting a lot on Instagram so you can kind of see what we have been up to there! Although some things were left out just out of pure business and not being able to grab that nice photo during whatever we were doing. 🙂

On Wednesday Ms.Ana was here and we ran some errands and then when Joey got up we went down High Street and to Market! Market! The kids and Ms.Ana walked with us and then once we got to Market! Market! the kids were asking to play so they went and played while Joey and I walked around and did some shopping. He tried on some shirts *He needs some desperately before we got to the UK* and I got a Herschel backpack for only $10USD! That is super cheap for that brand, haha! We also checked out some of the other shops around before we headed back to pick up the kids and Ms.Ana. Before we headed out we stopped at our piercer and picked up some more rings for my nose and Joey’s eyebrow since we are heading home for a bit and like to have extras. On our way back home we stopped on High Street and sat down for a while so the kids could play with their bubbles and run around. They even made a friend and we swapped Instagram accounts! It was such a nice evening and the kids were beyond happy to sit and play. I wish I had gotten some pictures!

Thursday, my closest friend here in PH came out to visit with us for the day! She lives just nearby BGC in Manila and took a car out to have lunch and let the kids play together. Her daughter is a little bit younger than Oliver and they all love to play together and do so very nicely! 🙂 We took them on the walking path, visited Starbucks, and ate an amazing lunch from Green Bar. I also made us some vegan Mac and Cheese! We ordered…

  • Two orders of Popcorn Chikun with spicy ranch dressing
  • Cheese sticks
  • Three orders of Smashed potatoes with spicy ranch dressing
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Hail Seitan

The kids had a great time playing and Barbie and I had a wonderful time catching up since we haven’t seen each other in a while because everyone was sick or busy. Our day ended with all the babies in the shower playing and then passed out once she left! It was definitely a great day and a much needed one for myself. We appreciate the friendships we have created with Barbie and little Abie. ❤

Yesterday was Friday and if you were following our Instagram, you saw we were pretty busy in the morning! We had gotten up, cleaned up, went downstairs for water and Gong Cha (Aubrey has been asking for a mango smoothie!), then we waited for Ms. Ana to arrive since it was about that time and went to Central Square Rustan’s to grab some things… We picked up:

  • Diapers
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Tofu
  • Organic animal crackers
  • Bread
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen peas
  • soy milk

Plus the kids saw that the toy store set up a booth downstairs (right in the freaking entrance of course, ha!) and each picked out one thing. Aubrey picked a purse that you color in to decorate and Oliver picked a small RC truck that lights up. We bought those and headed home but they also saw that Central Square High Street turned back on the water fountains they love to play in so they ran off to splash for a ONLY few minutes since we had some frozen things to bring back. The fountains had been turned off and covered up for a while because they’ve been having a lot of events and whatnot there the past few weeks!

Once we did all of that… Around 4PM Joey had gotten up and we were going to try and walk around Venice but the internet wasn’t behaving and we couldn’t get a car so instead we took the kids for a walk down the walking path, this time all the way to the end and then back home. Aubrey was exhausted and truly over being awake so once we got home they were bathed, put in their PJs, fed and put to bed happily. Aubrey even slept in today until about 11:30AM!

This morning (Saturday), Oliver and I got up about 10AM and headed to Starbucks so that I could upload some of the blog posts I had already written and ready to post onto ThisLittleElephantFamily blog and also picked up some things from Robinson’s before heading back home to tidy up and work on some more posts for the blog. Aubrey is now up and we are just cuddled up while everyone eats some breakfast before we figure out what to do for the day!

I hope you enjoyed this long(ish) update and continue to read and follow us while we prepare for our next flight back home!!

ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤

Minimizing again!

Purging once again before we head to NYC for the Spring!

Yesterday I started purging things again. I have become a big fan of minimalism for those who haven’t followed us for very long and this means that I frequently go through out things and purge what is not being used, things that are broken, or things we are not needing anymore. I went through my closet (really just my shirts) and decided to get rid of three shirts as I couldn’t remember the last time I wore them and I know that I will not be wearing them while we are gone and will be buying some clothing items while we are home. I then went through some of our bags that we had packed from moving from Parañaque to here that were “unpacked” and it was just a lot of random things we obviously weren’t needing or using since they were still left in that bag and I was able to toss them and repurpose them for other things. I was also able to talk to Barbie (my closest friend here in PH) about rehoming all of Oliver’s clothes when we leave as they are just getting too small and also he won’t be able to where once we are back in New York because it is still cold there! Her mother-in-law has a boy in Providence who will be able to wear them so that is the best news I could hear! I hate to *donate* clothes to random places because I am not sure where they will be going, if they will be used, if they will given to people who truly need them, etc. This way, I know. I am also going to ask Joey to bring all of Aubrey’s current clothes down to True Manila and give out there because we don’t know anyone who will be able to wear them and they are more *worn* then Oliver’s. Some have a hole in one knee, etc, but the kids at True Manila would love them and they are truly needed there. I am hoping Joey will be able to do that next weekend and record it for Aubrey so she can see where her old clothes will be living now because she was happy to donate them and receive new clothes. 🙂 My next projects are to go through the cabinets downstairs again and get rid of anything that is not being played with (will also send to True Manila) or if anything is broken and needs throwing out.

I am going try to start posting small videos here and there *that can go up without any REAL editing because of internet issues and whatnot* of us getting ready, minimizing, packing, etc. So keep an eye out for those! ❤ Thanks for reading!

ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤

Rural To City Living

Going from living in a house in rural Florida to a big city in the Philippine:

So going from Brooksville, Florida to BGC, Philippines really hasn’t been too much of a culture shock or anything like that. Since we were always going back and forth from our home in Brooksville to our In-laws apartment in Brooklyn, NY about 4 times a year and also having prior lived there for 3 years we are well adjusted to city living. The kids…Not so much. They are used to short periods of time living in the city (a month here and there). Some of the hard things about us living in a city and not in our rural town in Florida are that we are not close to any beaches, parks, hiking trails, etc. These are all things that the kids really enjoy and love to do and are very used to doing for all of their lives.

Another thing they are adjusting to is not really to do with real to city but more to do with US to Asia and that is making friends. They are always making friends for short periods of time like while we are playing at Kidzoona or running around in one of the many green spaces in BGC but we are yet to make any real long term friends here in the city. We have one friend we see on and off and we appreciate that friendship immensely. Other than that, we have yet to find any kind of “mom groups.” I am not sure if it is even a thing here in this culture or what. A lot of mothers seem to work and have full time yayas so maybe not.  Either way, I think this is more of a cultural adjustment than anything else, even if there are a lot of other people here besides Filipinos/Filipinas (Australian, British, English, Indian, etc.)

Something that has become more of a “thing” is traffic safety though. Since we did live in a small town, we mostly drove places and parked in parking lots so there was much explaining about crossing the streets and how the street likes work, etc. Especially since when we were going back and forth to NYC they were mostly baby worn or put in a stroller when we were out and about since they were still so little. Aubrey is not very aware of when it is her turn to cross the street and when it is not, as well as how important holding hands are, and the “count down.”

NOISE! Noise is something I wasn’t used to. I mean even in Brooklyn you would have some noise but not like here. The traffic is very noisy, the honking, the motorcycles, the police, the ambulance, you hear them ALL. It doesn’t “bother” me so much but it was something to get used to especially when they are randomly lighting fireworks? Or whatever they are doing that sounds the same (I can’t see very well outside my condo right now because I am facing the pool alone, really.) The neighbors here aren’t too noisy, we are probably the “worst” when it comes to that… I love music and have children, so… haha! Sometimes we will here drunk people coming home, laughing obnoxiously, singing, yelling, etc… haha!

Something I love so much about city living though is the events!! High street is amazing and really does events every weekend! They do them for all sorts of things and there are always booths for clothes, food, movies, drinks, fitness, and so much more. It is pretty cool to get to randomly walk into an event every weekend. 🙂 There is a lot to do here all the time and that is a huge plus when living in a city. There are so many play places, museums, open green spaces, malls, shops, etc and that is something I absolutely love. I just wish PH would get a Target… Just sayin’.

ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤