Our day today (pretty normal ish day)

Today we went to SM aura (SM here are HUGE malls.) Some of them aren’t so huge like SM Jazz but most of the ones I have been to are pretty crazy. SM aura is the closest SM to us (walking distance even!) and we spend a decent amount of time there. We do our grocery shopping there at SM grocery and Healthy Options once a week and we generally like to go there and just walk around, get coffee, etc. SM aura has 6 floors? Last night Joey had gone into one of the basement floors and discovered a play place there called KidCity and we have never been there or even knew it was there! So, today we went and tried it out for the first time. It is a little more expensive the Kidzoona and the place wasn’t as clean/big/safe in my opinion but the play time can be “unlimited” which is pretty cool. It is 480php for each child for unlimited and 120php for the adult to stay. Kids over 5 can stay alone. We played there for FOUR HOURS. The kids really loved it even though initially Oliver was struggling and whatnot. He was a little too small for some of the things but it was okay because Aubrey helped him with things that were a little too challenging. We will not be leaving Kidzoona to come to this place as we really love it there and the staff there is unbelievably amazing which as you all are starting to see that is VERY important to me! We will visit this place though when we want a “change.” After we played there, I was STARVING. The kids had eaten breakfast but I had only had my venti soy iced caramel triple shot latte… Yes. Triple shot.. haha! So, afterwards we went to the Sky Park (top floor) and got smoothies (raspberry for me and strawberry for the kids.) I also got fried tofu, rice and soy sauce. All of this plus a basket of baked wedges was only 475php which is a little under 10$ USD! SCORE! We then went down two levels and played at the toy store with magnetic sand and Lego before heading home (they both fell asleep in the car!) This is very rare because our car rides are usually 10 minutes or less here, haha! One of the staff at our building actually carried Aubrey up to the condo and laid her down because I was carrying Oliver… They are seriously the best. I was able to do dishes, shower, make some dinner, clean up a bit, and hang out with Joey (yay for couple time) before Aubrey had woken up from her 5PM *nap*… She is now journaling with her stickers and markers happily while Oliver will sleep through the night since he didn’t nap. 🙂


Here are some pictures from today!!



ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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