Philippines VegFest!!

We stayed in Quezon City for the week of Philippines VegFest and it was pure heaven. We stayed in the most beautiful Airbnb and ate the most amazing vegan food with friends who traveled up for one of the days to eat with us!! It was such a wonderful thing to find in a new country. Something that is comforting and also makes us feel not so “alien-like.” I think it was one of our best trips while we have been here. I v-logged that day, so you will get to see it all but I also have some pictures. We ate ice-cream, hot dogs, sandwiches, bbq, cupcakes that Aubrey “designed”, got a mug, tshirt, beautiful crochet octopi for the kids, stickers, coffee, nacho cheese, parmesan cheese, a bunch of meals… Literally EVERYTHING and ALL VEGAN! It was amazing and I can’t wait for you guys to see the footage! For now..pictures15068297_10210694373617426_1791170345987193548_o.jpg15039651_10210686692585405_2223861371741579596_o.jpg15039559_10210686693665432_5999499460047033686_o.jpg15039483_10210694372457397_7567539319265448897_o.jpg15025306_10210686692905413_1930356653639791271_o.jpg15002391_10210686692185395_7985805685178994191_o.jpg14991045_10210686636384000_334044083154055942_o.jpg14976559_10210686691865387_699982504283489387_o.jpg15025531_10210686735706483_3672231899544193800_o.jpg


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤



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