Ocean Park Manila

We did go to Ocean Park Manila which is the aquarium here. It is pretty large and the kids had a blast! We actually did v-log that day so we will have a bunch of footage from then to put onto our YouTube once we are back in NYC. I have a few pictures from the day that I will insert down below, also. The kids favorite part was glow in the dark scorpions.. ew! Haha! Aubrey was really hoping they would have Whale sharks but they did not. She is obsessed. She did enjoy the sharks they did have and the tunnel of water/tanks was probably her second favorite. Oliver was just obsessed with everything. He had such a good time. Joey had a wonderful time as they had a bunch of gift shops, one of them having a bunch of magic trick sets (he spent a bunch of money on things there and thoroughly enjoyed them, haha!) This is probably the most “touristy” thing we have done as we haven’t really done much outside of the city. We plan to change that soon now that we are going to be settled into a place and won’t have to pack up our entire lives to go on trips here and there.15000247_10210709273949925_5597416374153483300_o.jpg15025631_10210709453194406_2783299262690637117_o.jpg15000768_10210709273469913_4592199908053730206_o.jpg14990925_10210708049999327_1903278144210426078_o.jpg


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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