Moving from month to month

This has been the most exhausting thing about traveling like we have been traveling. Not really leaving Metro Manila but taking our stuff (not the problem) plus groceries, bathroom essentials, diapers, toys (we donate/get rid of toys monthly as the kids get bored and things get broken), etc. I am so glad that we DO NOT have to do this anymore. Although our personal things fit in two suitcases and two backpacks, all of the things we eat and need to run our household made moving a lot of work, haha. We no longer have the hello kitty suitcase, the green and blue backpacks, or the red backpack. We have literally minimized so much that EVERYTHING we own fits in the pink and white suitcases. Even our SPRIT blankets, my laptop, etc. We have bought some things like a blender, a lasagna/pasta dish, and cups for the kids as plastic is a rarity in Airbnbs and glass is not acceptable for two toddlers…haha! This latest move should be a piece of cake because we are just going from one tower to another! Yay!! 15179066_10210834281315031_6082356467792054073_n.jpg


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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