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Sharing more about the kids and their journey so far!16998096_10211739189977182_2585093003040587332_n.jpg

16864936_10211739189377167_8931365746584087660_n.jpgSo, the kids are really having a blast here. They are learning so much in ways of people and relationships that for me is just amazing. They have learned through us how to greet the staff every morning, i.e. “Good morning, sir!” “Good morning, ma’am!” or my favorite “Good morning, ms.Chrissy!!” They speak to our Uber driver’s so nicely and politely whether it be them just having a conversation or thanking them for our ride. They adore all of the staff at Kidzoona to the point where they get excited to see them and will even give high fives (and hug their favorite people!) which I just think is amazing to see how that connection grows in people who we aren’t really “friends” with but people who provide services and just enjoy the kids so much that this connection grows on it’s own without any pressure or any real “effort.” We are at Kidzoona now and both Aubrey and Oliver seek out their favorite people and ask them so lovingly to play with them and they do! They have an amazing time and I am able to well, get a break. I can sit and read for a while, play with them for a while and then do like I am doing now…Blog. In Florida we have these types of relationships with our Target and Starbucks employees and I love and value those relationships because they make our days! I was so terrified and saddened that I didn’t get this kind of vibe when we first moved here. I told my husband “people don’t talk to you!” and it was so hard to adjust to the experiences I felt I was lacking but now we have found our “places” and our “people” and we are able to enjoy those wonderful experiences where the people know and are happy to provide services to us and be apart of our daily/weekly lives.

I am also extremely happy that my children are getting to “make friends.” Although we never play with the same children twice when we are at the park, the museum, Kidzoona, they ALWAYS find companionship in children their own age and to see them play and interact with children who not always speak english is just fascinating. Aubrey is so attentive to peoples needs and emotions and that truly comes out when she is playing with other children her age. I often hear her saying things like “would you like to go down the slide with me? Or maybe we can pretend to make lunch!!” She is so patient with them and so thoughtful to ask them what they enjoy rather than grabbing their limbs and running, which also happens sometimes and they laugh and giggle together. Oliver is still very shy when around his peers but if Aubrey is around, he lights up. They are not always the nicest to each other but I am thankful that they both truly love each other and look out for each other. Aubrey is always willing to include him which just makes my heart leap out of my chest in pure admiration.

Another thing that has been huge and important to us is FOOD! When we first got here (if you remember) Aubrey was NOT eating. She just wasn’t. She would eat apples and rice/bean bowls. That is all. She really struggled with the differences in food and us not having a blender, etc. Now we are able to eat out, order out, grocery shop, and prepare food that she loves and is happy about. I am so thankful that we have conquered this adjustment because it was hard not just for Aubrey but for me. Joey and Oliver weren’t even phased but it was SO ROUGH for us girls, haha. We are now able to do things that mean a lot to Aubrey and I like “date days.” We love to play at Kidzoona and go on a “date” afterwards for pizza or rice bowls or smoothies which thankfully we now can do and truly enjoy them as well! We have found our favorite Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Moes, Pizzeria’s, and even ALL VEGAN RESTRO’s! The adjustment period has truly ended and we are now finally comfortable and happy in this new place.

I am so excited to see what comes next for them both as Oliver is growing up so much. The amount of growth he has gone through while we have been abroad is just unbelievable. He now talks in full sentences!! He is really and truly able to communicate with us and it shocks us every day. He is so bright and full of happiness and so relaxed, literally he is such an amazing mixture of Joey and I with his bubbly personality but laid back attitude. Aubrey has grown so much too! She is so understanding of things but also so much more fiery. She has a burning passion for everything she does whether it be talking about veganism, to why she should get to go to the pool… haha! I have struggled a lot parenting two wildly different children and not having a major support system here but I believe that we will get through the toughness once we get more involved in the community here. We are hoping to sign Aubrey up for Martial Arts once we are back and Oliver will also be taking a class! These will be twice a week so not *school* as we will continue to go about our kind of “world-schooling” ways but they are both super excited about these classes and it will give them more ways to make friends they see on a regular basis which is also super exciting.

Thank you guys for reading again, I know this is a lot of content in a short amount of time but I truly wanted to catch you guys up and give you a view into our lives and our journeys so far! It has been a crazy ride <3.




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