Life without reliable/limited internet.

Okay, so one of the reasons we have not been v-logging and sharing our journey that way and also why I haven’t been blogging as much is because the entire time we have been here we have had very slow/unreliable/limited internet! We have been mostly using pocket mifi which is like 3G speeds and super limited. That means we haven’t been watching TV, uploading a lot of videos, Skyping for long periods of time, etc. My phone has “unlimited” but it is really limited to Facebook and some Instagram, etc because after a while they will send you a text saying “We see you’ve used more data than usual” and slow you way down to where all you can use is Facebook because it’s free as part of your package. We are looking forward to having real internet once back in NYC and then once our condo is set up and whatnot we will have a real internet connection set up there. YAY! We did have a real internet connection when we were in Paranque (the only benefit of living there…) haha! It still had a data cap though so not really great for YouTube uploading (hence why we didn’t upload any V-logs then either.) I don’t miss the internet connection too much since I am still able to use my basic apps/social media and I don’t really get to watch a lot of TV since I don’t want my shows while the kids are awake… Some things we have been able to get on a flash drive from Market! Market! like The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, etc so we have been able to watch “some” of our shows here and there but not as often as we once did, haha! Joey says work gets pretty boring because when it is slow he can’t really watch TV, listen to music, etc. That is hard for him. Absolutely makes it harder to stay up all night (12AM – 8AM.) The kids never used the internet so they don’t miss out on anything except for like Netflix but we bought a DVD player for the few things they do watch (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, LeapFrog, Doc McStuffins, and some learning DVDs.)


ThisLittleElephantFamily ❤


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