Let’s talk medical real quick…

You guys have obviously seen that we have been sick on and off a lot while we have been here… Acclimating to a new country is NO JOKE! I am beyond thankful though that health care is so FREAKING cheap here. My children were both taken to the ER, had a blood panel and a chest x-ray each and it cost me (TOTAL) $200.00. When I took Oliver the first time alone with his check-up and urinalysis, it cost me a whopping $40.00… I am not sure how they can make it so cheap since apparently in America you cannot *huge eyeroll here* but it’s just the best thing ever for a mother who is new to a country and without a doctor. We now have a primary pediatrician for the kids and she is a super lovely woman and her visits are only $20 total every time we visit her. This is also one of THE BEST hospitals. St. Luke’s is apart of the Mayo Clinic and is literally just wonderful. I have never met a bad/nasty/incompetent doctor while visiting and they DO NOT keep you waiting for hours and hours. They let you know exactly when things will be done and THEY ARE DONE ON TIME. If I could have this kind of healthcare forever… I’d die happily.

When we were in Paranaque. Oliver got ahold on the ONLY bottle of essential oils we had and got it open. I was terrified that he had drank some but instead he had rolled it all over the condo. We had taken him to St.Luke’s they call poison control, checked him out, everything.. For $20. It’s just insane. They are so amazing. I think it was again only $40 when we took him to St. Luke’s when he busted his gums on our stairs, also. They did an x-ray on his mouth that day and everything. (Yes, this kid is the epitome of the “get into everything/clutso.)

Back to the children, they are better! A round of antibiotics and some cough medicine cured them right up. They are now going to go on probiotics and will be taking in some extra protein in their smoothies to hopefully help them get back to *the best* they can be before we leave for NYC. Flights and germs. UGH.




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