It looks like we’ve found our “babysitter!”

Today, I met with a woman (Mrs.Ana) who is probably about my mother’s age (45?) and she was wonderful!! Aubrey even said she liked her which is HUGE. She said she was super nice and she is happy that we will have a new friend! YAY! She will start Thursday and come 2-3 days a week unless we need her more (we won’t.) I am so excited to have this happen and her be awesome, as well as following MY SCHEDULE and not being stay-in 7 days a week or stay-out 5 days a week. She is less expensive than our last “yaya” who came twice a week, also. It seems like things are finally panning out for us and our life is starting to look more organized. I will get to date my husband, take yoga classes/hire a personal trainer, and even grocery shop alone now! I think this will dramatically help my motherhood journey since as I stated before, it has been ROUGH with no time to myself/with Joey. More updates to come but yay for the beginning! ❤


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