Finding some help.

So, we have been searching for another nanny and it has been hard because I do NOT want someone to raise my child. The norm here seems to be a live in nanny who basically is the child’s second mother and that would drive be absolutely batshit crazy. I really just want a babysitter for two days a week, even one day a week would be awesome so that I could date my husband and run errands that my children hate alone. We had one nanny and she was super awesome, as I mentioned before though she had some family issues and wasn’t able to stay with us. Aubrey was obviously heart broken and so we are now going about it again making sure that the nanny knows of Aubrey’s attachment and making sure they are able and willing to meet our needs and also stick around. So, the other option of a live in nanny (most common option) is to have a stay out nanny but she still comes 5 days a week. Since, this isn’t what I wanted I will be able to create her schedule and on weeks we are really busy I can tell her to come more than 2 days. I am sure the week we leave here to go to NY and the UK, I will need some alone time to get us sorted and everything so that would be okay. Other days, I will be able to tell her to stay home. This works for me as long as we can find someone. I met THE WORST “yaya” ever last week. She called Aubrey’s sensitive heart “dramatic” and when asked about her experience she said, “well, i raised my own two so I figured it’s not that hard.” Ha…ha…ha… No. Not all children are alike and mine especially (Aubrey) are high needs and extra sensitive so that is not the case. I am meeting another yaya today and am already a little disappointed as I was supposed to meet this woman who I had a lengthy discussion with about Aubrey and her attachment and her needs, etc and she got injured over the weekend and can’t really walk but said her mother is also interested in the position and asked if I would be willing to meet her. I am going to take the kids to Kidzoona anyways, so I said no harm, might as well. I am not getting my hopes up as this nanny search has kind of been the bane of my existence. I really just need a babysitter but it seems here in PH, they do not exist! 😦


Wish me luck ❤




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