I know.. Not enough blogging.

Listen.. This whole new country thing is HARD. Two days ago I became ridiculously sick with food poisoning or whatever happens when you drink the water here… Joey had gotten a smoothie from a mall one day and asked me to take a sip because it “tasted funny” to see if he was crazy and I declined but then he asked again…”please?!” THE ICE WAS BAD. Yup. Smoothie was gross. I took one sip. He drank the whole thing and is only sick NOW and not as badly.. I was literally a disgusting mess. Unable to even drink water or eat a corner of a cracker without vomiting. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. Worst than child labor/birth, worse than being hit by a car. LOL. I swear. That bad. My hospital visit was A MILLION times better than being in America. One of my friends here says that it helps to be American because they are extra nice to us but also it was SO CHEAP. I was there for a little over 3 hours, had IV treatment, two medicines, blood work, medicine to take home (4) and it cost me $150.00 USD. THAT IS INSANE!!!!! They were thoughtful, listened well, and we’re absolutely polite and hospitable.

Joey is now sick like I said above.. While he is sick I have been planning our trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I am excited. This is one of the most vegan friendly places in the world and honestly…Im NOT digging the food here in Makati. There are vegan places but there aren’t A LOT it seems and the food is really a hit or miss on if it is good or not. There are NO places like right around us that are vegan. We have to order out. We haven’t been able to even eat at a mall yet which honestly, is frustrating. Im used to being able to eat out wherever I am in America, which I have come to realize is amazing since I MOSTLY live in a small town in Florida.. I mean, in New York there are FAR better and MORE selections but at least when Im in Florida, I can go to the mall and eat chipotle or Moe’s or really any place that serves pasta, etc. This place is SO meat based. They also don’t eat a lot of rice here! It’s a Filipino thing apparently (meat and no rice.) I keep telling Joey, I’m going to be so skinny by the time we leave Asia. When I say I am almost 100% plant based/Whole fooding right now.. I’m serious. For the first week or so we were here I ate a banana and some almond butter for lunch… LOL. Anyone who truly knows me, will know I do NOT do lunch this way!

Today was a good day. I started feeling better last night and this morning we had some friends come and play at our pool for the morning which was so nice. It was so nice to have people around and be able to socialize and chat. I have been really lonely since we have been here with Joey’s schedule kinks being worked out and the kids having a hard time adjusting… Also, Filipinos are very nice here but in a way that is very odd to me… They will ask to take pictures with the kids… They will try to touch your skin and hair and tell you you’re beautiful. They will ask the kids things like “are we beautiful like you?!” They are obsessed with the kids. I even had a woman come chase Aubrey, Oliver, and Joey and grab Oliver (I think she was trying to be playful and help but basically I freaked out.) She just hand him in one of her hands for a few seconds and Joey grabbed him up… But like what?! They mostly talk to you because they think you are like… famous? Is kind of how I imagine it. There are SO many products on the shelves to help them “bleach” their skin. They die their hair blonde and wear blue colored contracts over their beautiful brown eyes.. It is really bazaar. Although, the ladies I spent time with today are not like that so I’m sure this isn’t all Filipino women but it seems to be a big part of their culture which I just find to be so crazy since in America, women DIE to be tan!

Anyways, I’ve met some nice people here but it is definitely hard to adjust to the culture/societal differences… I am looking forward to doing some more stuff that is like nature based/museum based/adventurous based, haha! We are working on finding more things like that and really have just been trying to adjust right now. I think we are going to go the Ayala Museum which is all about Filipino history and culture and also they have a science museum over here that is supposed to be pretty cool that I want to explore now that the kids have gotten out of tantrum city, haha!

More to come from me, I promise ❤


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