Major update. Prepare for word vomit.

So basically we have been here 5 days now. These first five days have been SO EFFING HARD. I pretty much cried everyday. Mostly because I was tired, unsure, and overwhelmed… We got into a grocery store and I cried because it was difficult finding things that we normally eat (it wasn’t that bad but it just wasn’t AS EASY to find things.) I cried because I’m not adjusted to PHP over USD. I cried because I then found an entire store that is basically *vegan/gluten free/organic.* It has really been a roller coaster for me. The kids are JUST sinking into a sleep routine that isn’t horrific. Oliver was sleeping 3PM to 2Am every day and I was literally dying, like what is sleep? Joey and I just had our first night of normalcy, where the kids were asleep and we had TIME ALONE. PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL TIME!!!

So.. So far we have gone to a bunch of shopping kind of things (malls and centers). Getting the lay of the land, really. There are SO MANY big shopping malls that have tons of things to do in them. I’m sure everyone is seeing pictures and check-ins on Facebook, if you follow me there. They are all so beautiful, one we went to was SO FANCY. Im talking like UPSCALE 100%. Nothing I’m really interested in because meh, crazy corporations.. haha! They are really beautiful though and nice places to just go walk around that are air conditioned!! It is hot here!! Fall weather… NO! Not in the Philippines! It is a very nice 80-85 degrees here on the daily. I’m not complaining because the pools are beautiful and the kids are having a blast playing outside.

Today I was so happy we found THREE places for the kids to play that are super cheap. You play for an hour and its $6 TOTAL for both of my children. They had a hospital, a food stand, a market, a house, a beauty parlor, all kinds of dress up things and they were so excited and so happy. They had a blast and it was REALLY the first *GOOD* day we have had here because they were able to disperse some energy that really just needed to go.

We are currently renting an AirBnb for the month in Jazz Residences which is just boss. We are in the penthouse (46 flights up) and you literally go to the 6th floor via elevator and there are 4 pools, two of which are children size (depth wise), plus a playground!!! There are these cute little walking paths with trees and flowers which are wonderful… There is also a gym on the 6th floor which I can’t wait to get into. We are thinking about staying here another month because it’s that amazing.

Downstairs from us we have a mall, it has a decent sized grocery store, a wendy’s (wtf?), this place called the potato corner which has the best fries I’ve ever eaten (BBQ flavor… again wtf?), and a bunch of other eating places along with a makeup place, spa, waxing place, salon, laundry place, coffee place, etc. It’s all pretty great!

We have been using Grab and Uber to get around and the drivers have all been so lovely. Some are very nice and very quiet and some are so funny and talkative. It’s pretty great. The rides are also SO CHEAP! A 15 minute ride is like $3 USD. The biggest thing for me coming here is that I feel so like *odd* because I don’t speak the main language and I am so friendly and bubbly but people here don’t really talk, it seems.. I have had about two people really talk to me and it kind of makes my day because it can get lonely with no one to talk to throughout the day! Especially when I am 12 hours ahead of all the people I love.

Another thing that is hard to adjust to is that the water here is NOT SAFE. Tap water is not safe at all. You can’t use it to cook. You can’t drink it. You can wash dishes with it but you have to dry everything SUPER well and keep the kids away from it which kind of stresses me out. This includes the shower and brushing teeth (HAVE TO USE BOTTLED WATER TO BRUSH TEETH!!). Getting water in your mouth risks getting sick. I’ve been basically hand washing babies because I am so nervous about it.

It is beautiful here though. The city is full of character and pretty things. I haven’t even seen much of it but it is all so interesting. I’m hoping we will hit the Aquarium tomorrow, we have a museum we want to go to, more food places to try (there are quite a few vegan places!!), and a few more shops/bookstores I really want to hit too.

WE DO HAVE V-LOGS. Joey has been literally *On vacation* this past week and so he really hasn’t been wanting to edit videos and whatnot but we did record some today while we were out and about and they will be going up soon. 🙂

Keep an eye out ❤


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