October 1st, 2016.

Today has been a pretty decent day. I feel like I slept for the first time last night even though it was still a rough night. I got up *ALONE* at 4AM and worked on my travel journal, my daily journal and kind of sank into my own place for a while with my own music *yay headphones.* I think I really needed that. I needed to let out some stuff that I have been feeling and holding in this past week and honestly, it sent me into a good place today. Once the kids woke up, we Skyped with the in-laws, got dressed, had a snack and headed out to Starbucks for some coffee. When we came back we had breakfast and played inside for a while before Joey went to lay down and the kids and I went to the playground and the swimming pool for almost 2 hours. When we got back I got everyone changed and made them some lunch while Joey slept for a little while longer. We are hanging out at the condo now relaxing and whatnot while Joey get’s ready to leave for a dentist appointment. Hopefully that won’t take too long so we can go out and explore some more. This part of the city is a HUGE shopping area so there are a lot of malls, shopping streets, etc. We are hoping to venture out and go to the Aquarium on Monday when it won’t be so busy since today is Saturday and people are off of work and whatnot. The kids had so much fun at the park. It’s a really nice day here today, too. The sun is finally really shining! It has mostly been kind of cloudy and gloomy here which is to be expected since it’s rainy season but still :).

So yeah, keep an eye out for amazing aquarium pictures. So stoked for that!

Yesterday we went to Century Mall (I believe that is what it is called.) We walked there and it wasn’t very far but the side walks were SO SAD. Joey carried Oliver quite a bit of the way because the Sit ‘N’ Stroll just wasn’t handling it well, haha. The mall was beautiful! Big, clean, super nice. We walked around there, got cane juice pineapple slushes, and even found a pretty cool bookstore! Aubrey had a hard time because she really wanted to ride the escalators. She cried for about 20 minutes over wanting to ride them “again.” She walked the whole time though and really did a great job! She was saying she was tired and kept giving herself pep talks like “I know I can do this!!” I love that, hahaha! We took a Grab car home after all the walking we did which was nice. When we got back it was like 6PM and We all passed out around 7PM.

Before we had done this we had also went downstairs to grab more water and exchange some more money. I think we exchanged $300 USD and got 14600 peso? Which is pretty cool. Their money is so beautiful! After that we took the kids to the park and took a nice walk around the park/pool area. By 3PM, Oliver was already asleep! We did all the mall and everything while he was passed out in the Sit ‘N’ Stroll which is pretty hilarious. He slept until maybe midnight and then was up until 4Am, then went back to sleep until about 6AM. They both have gotten better with sleeping. Aubrey had passed out by like 10PM (she had stayed up reading her books and then came in at like 9PM to wake me up and ask if she could watch Doc McStuffins, haha!)


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