I know.. Not enough blogging.

Listen.. This whole new country thing is HARD. Two days ago I became ridiculously sick with food poisoning or whatever happens when you drink the water here… Joey had gotten a smoothie from a mall one day and asked me to take a sip because it “tasted funny” to see if he was crazy and I declined but then he asked again…”please?!” THE ICE WAS BAD. Yup. Smoothie was gross. I took one sip. He drank the whole thing and is only sick NOW and not as badly.. I was literally a disgusting mess. Unable to even drink water or eat a corner of a cracker without vomiting. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. Worst than child labor/birth, worse than being hit by a car. LOL. I swear. That bad. My hospital visit was A MILLION times better than being in America. One of my friends here says that it helps to be American because they are extra nice to us but also it was SO CHEAP. I was there for a little over 3 hours, had IV treatment, two medicines, blood work, medicine to take home (4) and it cost me $150.00 USD. THAT IS INSANE!!!!! They were thoughtful, listened well, and we’re absolutely polite and hospitable.

Joey is now sick like I said above.. While he is sick I have been planning our trip to Taipei, Taiwan. I am excited. This is one of the most vegan friendly places in the world and honestly…Im NOT digging the food here in Makati. There are vegan places but there aren’t A LOT it seems and the food is really a hit or miss on if it is good or not. There are NO places like right around us that are vegan. We have to order out. We haven’t been able to even eat at a mall yet which honestly, is frustrating. Im used to being able to eat out wherever I am in America, which I have come to realize is amazing since I MOSTLY live in a small town in Florida.. I mean, in New York there are FAR better and MORE selections but at least when Im in Florida, I can go to the mall and eat chipotle or Moe’s or really any place that serves pasta, etc. This place is SO meat based. They also don’t eat a lot of rice here! It’s a Filipino thing apparently (meat and no rice.) I keep telling Joey, I’m going to be so skinny by the time we leave Asia. When I say I am almost 100% plant based/Whole fooding right now.. I’m serious. For the first week or so we were here I ate a banana and some almond butter for lunch… LOL. Anyone who truly knows me, will know I do NOT do lunch this way!

Today was a good day. I started feeling better last night and this morning we had some friends come and play at our pool for the morning which was so nice. It was so nice to have people around and be able to socialize and chat. I have been really lonely since we have been here with Joey’s schedule kinks being worked out and the kids having a hard time adjusting… Also, Filipinos are very nice here but in a way that is very odd to me… They will ask to take pictures with the kids… They will try to touch your skin and hair and tell you you’re beautiful. They will ask the kids things like “are we beautiful like you?!” They are obsessed with the kids. I even had a woman come chase Aubrey, Oliver, and Joey and grab Oliver (I think she was trying to be playful and help but basically I freaked out.) She just hand him in one of her hands for a few seconds and Joey grabbed him up… But like what?! They mostly talk to you because they think you are like… famous? Is kind of how I imagine it. There are SO many products on the shelves to help them “bleach” their skin. They die their hair blonde and wear blue colored contracts over their beautiful brown eyes.. It is really bazaar. Although, the ladies I spent time with today are not like that so I’m sure this isn’t all Filipino women but it seems to be a big part of their culture which I just find to be so crazy since in America, women DIE to be tan!

Anyways, I’ve met some nice people here but it is definitely hard to adjust to the culture/societal differences… I am looking forward to doing some more stuff that is like nature based/museum based/adventurous based, haha! We are working on finding more things like that and really have just been trying to adjust right now. I think we are going to go the Ayala Museum which is all about Filipino history and culture and also they have a science museum over here that is supposed to be pretty cool that I want to explore now that the kids have gotten out of tantrum city, haha!

More to come from me, I promise ❤

Major update. Prepare for word vomit.

So basically we have been here 5 days now. These first five days have been SO EFFING HARD. I pretty much cried everyday. Mostly because I was tired, unsure, and overwhelmed… We got into a grocery store and I cried because it was difficult finding things that we normally eat (it wasn’t that bad but it just wasn’t AS EASY to find things.) I cried because I’m not adjusted to PHP over USD. I cried because I then found an entire store that is basically *vegan/gluten free/organic.* It has really been a roller coaster for me. The kids are JUST sinking into a sleep routine that isn’t horrific. Oliver was sleeping 3PM to 2Am every day and I was literally dying, like what is sleep? Joey and I just had our first night of normalcy, where the kids were asleep and we had TIME ALONE. PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL TIME!!!

So.. So far we have gone to a bunch of shopping kind of things (malls and centers). Getting the lay of the land, really. There are SO MANY big shopping malls that have tons of things to do in them. I’m sure everyone is seeing pictures and check-ins on Facebook, if you follow me there. They are all so beautiful, one we went to was SO FANCY. Im talking like UPSCALE 100%. Nothing I’m really interested in because meh, crazy corporations.. haha! They are really beautiful though and nice places to just go walk around that are air conditioned!! It is hot here!! Fall weather… NO! Not in the Philippines! It is a very nice 80-85 degrees here on the daily. I’m not complaining because the pools are beautiful and the kids are having a blast playing outside.

Today I was so happy we found THREE places for the kids to play that are super cheap. You play for an hour and its $6 TOTAL for both of my children. They had a hospital, a food stand, a market, a house, a beauty parlor, all kinds of dress up things and they were so excited and so happy. They had a blast and it was REALLY the first *GOOD* day we have had here because they were able to disperse some energy that really just needed to go.

We are currently renting an AirBnb for the month in Jazz Residences which is just boss. We are in the penthouse (46 flights up) and you literally go to the 6th floor via elevator and there are 4 pools, two of which are children size (depth wise), plus a playground!!! There are these cute little walking paths with trees and flowers which are wonderful… There is also a gym on the 6th floor which I can’t wait to get into. We are thinking about staying here another month because it’s that amazing.

Downstairs from us we have a mall, it has a decent sized grocery store, a wendy’s (wtf?), this place called the potato corner which has the best fries I’ve ever eaten (BBQ flavor… again wtf?), and a bunch of other eating places along with a makeup place, spa, waxing place, salon, laundry place, coffee place, etc. It’s all pretty great!

We have been using Grab and Uber to get around and the drivers have all been so lovely. Some are very nice and very quiet and some are so funny and talkative. It’s pretty great. The rides are also SO CHEAP! A 15 minute ride is like $3 USD. The biggest thing for me coming here is that I feel so like *odd* because I don’t speak the main language and I am so friendly and bubbly but people here don’t really talk, it seems.. I have had about two people really talk to me and it kind of makes my day because it can get lonely with no one to talk to throughout the day! Especially when I am 12 hours ahead of all the people I love.

Another thing that is hard to adjust to is that the water here is NOT SAFE. Tap water is not safe at all. You can’t use it to cook. You can’t drink it. You can wash dishes with it but you have to dry everything SUPER well and keep the kids away from it which kind of stresses me out. This includes the shower and brushing teeth (HAVE TO USE BOTTLED WATER TO BRUSH TEETH!!). Getting water in your mouth risks getting sick. I’ve been basically hand washing babies because I am so nervous about it.

It is beautiful here though. The city is full of character and pretty things. I haven’t even seen much of it but it is all so interesting. I’m hoping we will hit the Aquarium tomorrow, we have a museum we want to go to, more food places to try (there are quite a few vegan places!!), and a few more shops/bookstores I really want to hit too.

WE DO HAVE V-LOGS. Joey has been literally *On vacation* this past week and so he really hasn’t been wanting to edit videos and whatnot but we did record some today while we were out and about and they will be going up soon. 🙂

Keep an eye out ❤

October 1st, 2016.

Today has been a pretty decent day. I feel like I slept for the first time last night even though it was still a rough night. I got up *ALONE* at 4AM and worked on my travel journal, my daily journal and kind of sank into my own place for a while with my own music *yay headphones.* I think I really needed that. I needed to let out some stuff that I have been feeling and holding in this past week and honestly, it sent me into a good place today. Once the kids woke up, we Skyped with the in-laws, got dressed, had a snack and headed out to Starbucks for some coffee. When we came back we had breakfast and played inside for a while before Joey went to lay down and the kids and I went to the playground and the swimming pool for almost 2 hours. When we got back I got everyone changed and made them some lunch while Joey slept for a little while longer. We are hanging out at the condo now relaxing and whatnot while Joey get’s ready to leave for a dentist appointment. Hopefully that won’t take too long so we can go out and explore some more. This part of the city is a HUGE shopping area so there are a lot of malls, shopping streets, etc. We are hoping to venture out and go to the Aquarium on Monday when it won’t be so busy since today is Saturday and people are off of work and whatnot. The kids had so much fun at the park. It’s a really nice day here today, too. The sun is finally really shining! It has mostly been kind of cloudy and gloomy here which is to be expected since it’s rainy season but still :).

So yeah, keep an eye out for amazing aquarium pictures. So stoked for that!

Yesterday we went to Century Mall (I believe that is what it is called.) We walked there and it wasn’t very far but the side walks were SO SAD. Joey carried Oliver quite a bit of the way because the Sit ‘N’ Stroll just wasn’t handling it well, haha. The mall was beautiful! Big, clean, super nice. We walked around there, got cane juice pineapple slushes, and even found a pretty cool bookstore! Aubrey had a hard time because she really wanted to ride the escalators. She cried for about 20 minutes over wanting to ride them “again.” She walked the whole time though and really did a great job! She was saying she was tired and kept giving herself pep talks like “I know I can do this!!” I love that, hahaha! We took a Grab car home after all the walking we did which was nice. When we got back it was like 6PM and We all passed out around 7PM.

Before we had done this we had also went downstairs to grab more water and exchange some more money. I think we exchanged $300 USD and got 14600 peso? Which is pretty cool. Their money is so beautiful! After that we took the kids to the park and took a nice walk around the park/pool area. By 3PM, Oliver was already asleep! We did all the mall and everything while he was passed out in the Sit ‘N’ Stroll which is pretty hilarious. He slept until maybe midnight and then was up until 4Am, then went back to sleep until about 6AM. They both have gotten better with sleeping. Aubrey had passed out by like 10PM (she had stayed up reading her books and then came in at like 9PM to wake me up and ask if she could watch Doc McStuffins, haha!)