V-logging, blogging, and feelings…

So, today we got our camera all set up and have been talking about giving V-logging a go. I’m not sure if it is really for me because it is a lot of on the go, looking like crap, self-esteem issue filled blah for me at the moment. I am a very outgoing and social person but to have to look at myself and edit videos all day, it kind of gets to my self-esteem as I am not the thinnest, prettiest person in the world. I struggle big time with my weight especially due to hypothyroidism and also a lot to do with eating disorders. Binge eating, anorexia (high school times), emotional eating, etc. In a way, I’m hoping that V-logging will help me kind of get motivated again to taking better care of myself (not just body, but mind and soul as well) since I really haven’t been giving myself the kind of care and love that I should be because we have been so busy preparing for this trip and honestly, the second baby hit me hard. Oliver will be two in November and I am just now really adjusting to his being here and being “a mother of two.” If that makes any sense.. Anyways, I’m going to have to put on my brave pants because I really believe Joey wants to do this and I do too… I think.



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