Another update!!

We are SIX DAYS AWAY!!! Oh man, I am so excited. We have had some issues this week. One being me finally really using my phone as my primary camera and it not being great.. At all. Pictures of the kids were all coming out blurry unless they were absolutely still (I guess that is what happens when you buy a pretty cheap phone) but the phone itself is amazing so…what we ended up doing was buying a beautiful Canon GX 7 Mark II. We first ordered it on Amazon and then realized it was out of stock and had to cancel the order since we are leaving so soon..  Thankfully, Joey found THE LAST ONE at K&M Tribeca so we were able to pick it up today which was really nice because we were also able to go out for a late lunch and spend some time together. Originally, I was going to go ahead and go back to iOS while in Asia but I couldn’t get one anywhere here in NYC, haha. It’s all good though because I am really excited about this camera. It is small and compact which I love because honestly I need something convenient and also powerful.

The other problem being that Joey needed to finish up with some doctor appointments and I am struggling to get ahold of them!! Calling, no call back, leaving messages, no calls back, etc. It is awful! He was supposed to see one and it’s not gonna happen but thankfully I got the other one taking care of tonight, I believe. *Crosses fingers.*

Along with those two problems we also are just struggling with being in NYC. Family is wonderful but space is necessary. Especially when my children are acting crazy and refuse to settle down. I am personally really struggling with this and am excited to be on our way out just so that I can have some space and peace within out crazy, wild, not sleeping family.

Joey bought me my first Erin Condren planner yesterday!! (He is truly amazing.) I was so excited because my Happy Planner has really been falling apart with all the traveling we are doing. It came SAME DAY through Amazon and is just beautiful. The only thing Im missing about my Happy Planner with the Erin Condren planner is that there are no “extra writing pages.” I loved being able to add pages into the “week spread” if I need to with whatever extra things I needed to write down that didn’t fit into sticky notes or whatever. I really should probably order a note pad to stick in the back of it and problem solved. Maybe I’ll do that tonight..

While we were in Manhattan today picking up our camera, (I must mention that I love Broadway, so many cute shops) we also took an Uber out to 14th street Beyond Sushi which was super tasty and amazing. I was a little sad once we got home because the camera doesn’t have any internal storage so I have to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS to use it but I can wait.. It’s chill. We hung out with the kids and whatnot and then ran out to ViVi’s to get some bubble tea which sadly I didn’t like… Joey’s was tasty though (strawberry.) Yum.

Anyways, the kids also got their flu shots today.. They did a great job and really didn’t fuss at all. It was pretty much quick and painless. (I really think flu shots are pointless, also but rather safe than sorry with flying – ew, germs!) Thankfully my MIL was kind enough to drive me out to Park Slope so we didn’t have to struggle with an Uber (two car-seats and one mommy is rough.) Then they hung out with my MIL while we dealt with my camera pick up so it worked out pretty great.

Aubrey has been sneezing and stuff all day though apparently.. Hopefully she is all better by Tuesday. We gave her a dose of immune support and her vitamin along with a big glass of orange juice so hopefully that helps a bit too.

Now, enjoy some pictures from my day 🙂



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