Update on NYC life.

We’ve been here 5 days now… We really haven’t done too much to document, especially in terms of Asia. We did go to the doctor yesterday and get some health things taken care of. My doctor and I discussed my weight and how I thought maybe we should up my thyroid medication to help me more easily lose weight because it is SO hard for me. She drew blood and is going to let me know on Tuesday. I got the flu shot which I normally NEVER do but it’s recommended and honestly, Im just hoping that this long flight doesn’t end up in me becoming sick because to be sick for the first two weeks on vacation is just miserable. We did some grocery shopping after that and did it without a car which I was pretty impressed by, even though we used to do it all the time pre-baby… haha! We are now in the midst of planning Joey’s mother’s 50th birthday event which has been okay and a little stressful but we’re making it. I love NYC. Especially when the weather is so nice like it is right now. High 60s, low 70s. Fall weather <3. I am so ready to get out of here though. It is hard on the kids to be here with the grandparents and small space. Especially for Aubrey, who decides as soon as we cross the bridge that her ears don’t work and grandma and grandpa will save her from whatever my rule is or whatever. #Stressful. I can’t wait to begin our adventures and start this next year of “anything is possible.”


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