Flying, settling in, etc.

So the beginning of our flight went okay. The kids went to sleep and it was smooth sailing for the first probably 15 hours, I’d say. They slept, ate, went on “walks”, and we’re doing alright. Once we were landing in Tokyo, all hell broke loose pretty much. They were mad, hungry, tired, and annoyed they couldn’t play in the airport. Aubrey sat down and did some sticker art for a while but was very upset because Oliver was being a tiny monster and going all Godzilla on her art project.

Once we got to Tokyo we had to go through security again which is so hard with two kids and TONS of stuff. We are SERIOUSLY downsizing. I can’t ever imagine bringing this much stuff ever again. I had a hard time parting with things but now I am saying oh well, goodbye because no. The Tokyo airport was beautiful and I am truly heartbroken that we had NO time there and that the time we did have was spent (honestly) being upset. I did manage to grab one trinket which I’ll share a picture with you guys, below…

From Tokyo to Manila was awful. Aubrey was so nasty to the flight attendants *we had a car seat argument – Aubrey and I* to the point where I had started crying because I was just embarrassed and exhausted. The language barrier was also very difficult to deal with because they were telling us we couldn’t have a car seat on both aisle seats (myself in the middle) because it was a safety risk and I was trying to tell them we couldn’t have them side by side because then we can’t buckle them. Aubrey ended up getting her wish and not sitting in her car seat since we just couldn’t make it work which made me more irritated. The flight attendants were all so sweet even though Aubrey was a super evil diva.

While we were on the second plane, we did get to eat. It was like falafel? with rice and broccoli and a roll. I only ate the rice, broccoli and roll because I’m a chicken…haha. Joey and I both ate that. The first flight they gave us a pasta dish to share which was actually good and even came vegan butter which like what!? Otherwise we mostly ate snacks I had packed, which I did a pretty great job because 1 and a half small meals over the course of 22? hours is kind of sucky.

Oliver was very upset most of our 4 hour flight from Tokyo to Manila. He was tired, wanted milk, and was done sitting. Thankfully, they ate from their lunch boxes and then we all fell asleep for two hours.  During the time we were on this flight, they were giving out yellow cards that people were filling out but when they asked Joey, I guess he wasn’t sure if we needed them so he said, no thank you. Turns out we needed them and had to fill them out *bags in hand with wild running children* as soon as we landed in Manila. We also had to fill out more cards and get our passport stamped before we could get our bags and leave. They already had our bags on a cart for us by the time we got downstairs and we were able to get a Taxi pretty quickly! No problems loading up, no problems with the car seats, etc. It was great.

I was anxious about getting into our Airbnb. The man and his wife(?) met us here and helped us with our bags, brought us up, showed us around, gave us some tips, etc and then left. We proceeded to unpack some stuff and try to relax. I pretty much brought Oliver right to bed and he slept pretty well! From midnight(ish) to 3:30AM and then from 4:30AM to 7:30AM. I spent the hour he was up unpacking some more while he played. Aubrey had a hard time I guess, Joey was up with her while Oliver and I slept, but he got her to sleep after a little while.

Today was rough. It started out pretty well, we went to Starbucks right across the street got some coffee and then ran into a 7/11 to get water because tap water is not drinkable here. Not even to brush your teeth!! The kids were great for that. Both in good moods, both ready to explore, totally fine. Once the afternoon came though it got hard. Mostly emotional for Aubrey and I. Both of us tired and grumpy. It takes a toll on both of us because we tend to butt heads quite a bit. We are going through some rough things with my attitude and hers severely clashing and I am honestly not sure how to fix it but I am going to take the opportunity that I have right now with Joey being available during the day to try and work on it. Oliver was being a bully (also tired.) Aubrey kept him from his nap (singing obnoxiously loud and refusing to quit) and they really needed to get outside and play but it was rainy all afternoon.

We made the best of the day and went out and walked around anyways. Thankfully after a while Oliver finally got tired enough to sleep and has been out since. Since Oliver had gone to bed, I took Aubrey to play at the playground then back up to change and back down to go into the pool. She was exhausted and threw a huge fit about wanting to be worn in her Tula while we ran to the grocery store downstairs but Joey’s back has been hurting from carrying everything so we told her we could’t do it since Oliver was asleep on my back. Thankfully we were able to calm her down after she screamed for probably 15 minutes and were able to run to the grocery store to grab a couple things *during this time she fell asleep.*

Now both babies are asleep, we ordered and ate a pizza and are now getting ready to sleep. I am exhausted. I am emotionally and physically drained and ready for some serious sleep.

Tomorrow we are hoping to explore more and also hit a grocery store that is more “american.” See if we can find some more things to eat. Especially for Aubrey since she has been going through a picky phase…






In Flight Rambles.


I should have charged my laptop last night. I didn’t even think about it. Now I’m left here with 7% or something like that. Everyone is asleep and it is 1:35p.m. We boarded our flight at 12:05p.m. We struggled getting on but we made it and are now all comfortably sitting. Obviously since all but myself are asleep. I can’t believe we did this. On a flight to Tokyo. How crazy is that? I am so excited and terrified at the same time. Six months… and over 6000 miles away from home.

I wasn’t afraid at all during this whole process but when we got on the plane and started taking off I felt afraid. I felt worried that I had decided to take my two tiny human beings so far away from home and onto a plane where if something awful happened to them, I’d have no real help. I miss my family.

I am so excited though. Excited for change. Excited for growth. Excited for adventure. The view is so beautiful from here I could cry. Idk how anyone else could possibly fly and not admire the view. I wonder how long the kids will sleep for….I’m hoping they both wake up in pretty decent moods. They were pretty terrific in the airport. Aubrey was beyond excited and even though Oliver was very tired, he was excited to. He wasn’t being the friendliest though to Aubrey so, I am very glad he has fallen asleep for now. It’s difficult to get in and out of my seat since Oliver is on the aisle seat. I think I planned this poorly but honestly, Aubrey wanted the window seat too badly for me to say no. I’m excited for her to wake up and see the beautiful clouds. I think she will love it.

I feel a little naked without internet access. I wonder when I will give in and pay for some. I am looking forward to updating everyone and checking in with my siblings. Im a little annoyed I can’t get my apple chips open. Of course, the one time I don’t have a pair of scissors handy, haha!

We had another horrible experience at Starbucks inside the JFK airport today. The woman was so rude and nasty. She wanted to inform me that my child’s drink has caffeine in it which it does but it’s not a lot.. It’s just tea and coconut milk so like….. Of course, the woman right behind me also had something to say about “oh, i wasn’t sure if you wanted her to have caffeine before the flight..” like if my child had some tea she might become possessed. She was so well behaved though. I just hate people. I felt so rushed and just ugh I ended up ordering her a strawberry smoothie without the whey and with soy milk. When i asked if it had any dairy in it besides the whey she said “yeah, but its just a splash of 2%” Oh… just a splash makes it totally okay >_>. She was just so nasty in general, it was probably my worst experience ever. She also laughed when I ordered a Trenta ice water. Im assuming because I was too cheap to buy a bottle of water but they weren’t cold so…. Whatever. She then made my drink wrong and the wrong size and it had to be corrected by her co-worker.

Other than that, we did pretty well. Aubrey had some hummus and a blueberry drink (she hated her smoothie.) Ollie had some smoothie and then passed out before we even boarded. Aubrey and I explored a little while Joey worked a little. She had her heart set on a halloween in New York City book, I told her we’d have to skip it and she was still pretty okay with that. Mostly just excited to get going and on the plane. I love how thrilled she is.

3 and a half hours until…

We land in Tokyo. We will be there for about two hours and then on our last flight to manilla. It is currently 11:45am 9/28/16 in Tokyo 😊. Flight has been pretty decent besides me not being able to sleep. Kids slept great and have been well behaved. They are now having a difficult time but thats always to be expected towards the end of the drive/flight/day.. hahaha.
More updates to come💜💙

Last full day in NYC.

Today is our last full day here. We leave the in laws place at 7am tomorrow morning for JFK. Today, I have to have everyone bathed, do laundry, finishing packing clothes, and snacks. We need to eat our last real meal before we leave and clean up our space. I doubt the kids will really sleep tonight since it’s their last with grandma and grandpa but either way. I need to sleep, lol. Our car has already been ordered and reserved for our trip to JFK but I should probably call and confirm it, as well. It’s early here now and everyone is just waking up so I guess I’m off to start our day.💖

vlog day 3

Video editing 101

Today, I am learning to use Blender to edit out V-logs! The kids are still sick and so Oliver is cuddled up with me while I learn/edit yesterdays v-log… I hope you guys will watch it once it’s done!! Tomorrow I’ll be V-logging some, probably mostly without Joey, since we are going to a pumpkin patch for the day with the kiddos before our last day here Monday so that should be fun! Fingers crossed my video editing lesson goes well today 😛 ❤