Packing, Packing, Packing…

Today I made our last BIG storage unit trip. We literally just have to throw our printer, Joey’s desktop and a couple other little things in and then our home is officially settled into a storage unit. It is crazy to see that ALL of our favorite things are packed nicely into a 5×10 unit. Everything is becoming more and more real and it’s just totally mind blowing.

This week seems to be going by so quickly, we see friends tomorrow and Friday, we say “see you soon” to my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew on Monday while also celebrating my niece’s first birthday and then we are gone Thursday night/Friday morning to NYC. Monday will be hard for me. Even though right now it’s only 6 months… Babies especially change so much during such a short time and I will really miss that time. I love my siblings so much and value and appreciate the time that we spend together on such a high level that saying “see you soon” on any kind of “long term” basis is hard for me.

I have some more stuff to sell and whatnot so my next thing to do today is make a list and get my craigslist stuff together, haha! Wish me luck!! ❤


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