This is the very beginning…

The beginning of a huge change for our family… We are only 10 days away from leaving our home for an entire year!!! We are driving from Brooksville, FL to Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 9th, 2016. Our home is completely empty and will hopefully be rented out sometime while we are gone (until October of 2017.) We’re spending a few weeks in NYC and flying out of JFK on September 27th to head to the Philippines!

We are so close to being done in our house. Done meaning, no more furniture, no more food, no more *stuff*, things repaired, things cleaned, etc. It has been a very anxious thing for me… Preparing. It has been exhausting and very time consuming. Doctors visits, vet visits, passport documentation, travel vaccinations, and clearing out our home have made the last couple months of my life particularly crazy. My husband works during the day so the majority of all the scheduling, preparing, packing, yard sale preparing, etc has been on my shoulders along with preparing our two little ones for the big move.

Our little ones are Aubrey (3 1/2) and Oliver (1 1/2). We are a homeschooling, vegan, breastfeeding, hippy(ish) family and wouldn’t have it any other way! We also have a lab/pitbull named Aidan but he will be staying behind with my mom, sister and brother while we are on our journey as there really just wasn’t a safe way to bring him with us.

A little bit about me for the new people (if there are any)… Im Becca. Soon-to-be- 25 year old mother of two, married to the (only and true) love of my life (AKA Joey), writer, book-freak, coffee addict, etc, etc, etc, etc. For everyone who knows me WHAT UP!?!? I am so stoked for this journey and am beyond excited to share it with you guys!!!! I will be posting a ton on here while we are traveling (YEY FOR FLIGHT WIFI PEOPLE!!!) and as we are getting adjusted. I hope this crazy intro isn’t too long and boring 😛


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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